Who is Max J. Carter

Max J. Carter is a Shaman who assists people through the Awakening process that has also been called The Shift. He has written a piece of fiction called The Devil’s Children The Silver Bard that is the first in a series of books that asks what if Lucifer and the fallen weren’t kicked out?

As a Shaman Max is a Reiki Grandmaster and Master level Intuitive. Max uses a Reiki form of his own design to accelerate people through activating their DNA.

His wisdom has been and continues to be sought by people around the world.

Max walks the path of The Raven the holder of secrets and is a Black Panther Totem in his Shamanic work.

As a Messenger Max has channeled Archangels and Ascended Masters alike to allow the wisdom of the ages to pass though him while he remains in an egoless state as a Medium.

Max uses his skills as a Medium to channel his characters to make them feel real to the reader when he writes fiction. He is currently working on 5 new works of fiction and his autobiography.