Jeanne Ro

Jim offers a precious gift, an offering of insight of deep and relevant truths.

Struggling with concentration, and being diagnosed for ADHD, I had hit rock bottom with work,life,balance. I approached Jim after reading a paragraph or two of profound truth and deeper comprehension of emotional experience. Wondering why certain words, phrases, and or sentences stood out the page, and left an impression in my thoughts. His words are transformative insights, instructing a deeper meaning and awareness in my personal development.

I have been working with Jim for 2 years and achieved many of the goals in my spiritual development, self-knowledge, developing talents, financial stability and leadership development. He has been working with me on concentration, to look deeply and gain insight of self-transformation. I chose to accept this gift and benefited by the improving my relationships, healing emotional wounds, finding peace and self-empowerment. Exploring passion, having fun and discovering my purpose has been liberating!

If his words ever stood out in any shape or form, positive or negative, there is gift that is being offered.


Tonya Mecum

Owner at Total Movement Fitness

I am incredibly grateful for reconnecting with Jim. We had gone to high school together but knew little about one another. Fast forward to Fall 2015 and the magic of FB brought us together. I had been following his posts and he had noticed mine.

We worked together on one of his podcasts where I became even more intrigued in what his soul was looking to share with the world.

Jim recognized that there was pain in my soul, a struggle that was effecting me physically – which also affected my business as a personal trainer. He offered to work with me so I could learn how to heal myself. Through a long distance Reiki session, I immediately felt my pain subside, I had movement in muscles I hadn’t felt in over 4 years.

His meditation and mantras helped me to allow the release he provided to stick. I continue to use his wisdom as I work on myself daily. I have become more confident, more relaxed, and able to let go of things/emotions/actions that no longer serve me. I am eternally grateful for all that Jim has done for me.

Be open to his gift and he can help you, too!



Ben Pinto

Jim Carter is a progressive leader in the arena of spiritual awareness and most importantly what makes us and the world around us tick, and what we can and cannot change about it!

I met Jim on the social site beBee and was inspired by his refreshing look at life. Much of his philosophies have developed naturally from his previous careers in:
1) Health (can’t think of any field more loving)
2) Marketing and technology (powerful mixture)
3) United States Military (protector of all)
Put all of those together and you have a strong varied basis for sharp intuition, compassion, and the aptitude for delivering sagely advice.

His posts are truly unique and with everyone vying for a loan of your peepers if faced with dozens of possible articles to read and little time I would undoubtedly choose Jim’s. He is a kind and loving Dad, yet that is his nature with all of us.
I hope we can stay socially in-tune for years to come.

Claire Cardwell

Jim is head and above the most perceptive person I have ever met. He is highly intelligent, kind and is a true empath. At the beginning of March 2017 Jim and I did some energy work together. Freeing up blocks that were hindering me from achieving what I need to do.
Well the results have been miraculous! I have tons of energy, have lost weight and am in the middle of writing two books at once! I feel really inspired and have been painting a lot too.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jim as a Shaman, Healer and Life Coach.