Books by Max J. Carter The Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman

The sales from these books go directly to the charity work I do as a Shaman with abuse survivors. Helping women and men rebuild their lives after abuse.

The Devil’s Children The Silver Bard: In the Beginning

When you read this it’s going to challenge everything you think you know about where we came from and who we are.

Lucifer and the fallen were not kicked out of heaven.

They chose to come down here and mate with us to give us a genetic boost. In the present day this is now becoming the dominant gene and is the explanation behind our genetic jump.

Those who have the pronounced intuitive traits are The Devil’s Children and Descendants of the Fallen.

The Book of Khaos Majick

What any who reads this has found is not a system of magic or magick. This exploration will teach true Majick and how to unleash it’s power.

There are no ciphers and everything in this Book of Khaos is designed to set one free from magic and magick and give one access to infinite power.

Magic and magick are often used to seek power for purpose.

Majick unleashes power by simply giving it purpose.

The Poetry of The Rock N Roll Shaman

A collection of poetry from a Shaman of the ancient ways of ancient days.

Psychospirilosophy The Martial Art of Thought

Psychospirilosophy is a view that combines Psychology, Spirituality and Philosophy.

It’s a view used to explore ideas using life experience to provide the results to show the validity of a concept or idea and to determine if it has value in your life.

It’s a tool to understand why you choose to be who you are and gives you the realistic options of what to do with and about it depending on what your desired results are. All results will vary based on desire and the simple fact we are all the same but slightly different and just different enough to be unique.