The Sum of One

No one is self made, no one.

Each of us is the sum of life up until right now. That means we are the sum of experiences shared with other people.

Take a look around you and tell me how much of it you made.

In order for me to have done anything in life it took others to do it with.

Let’s go back conception.

Two souls each giving a piece of themselves to create a third. An emotional imprint takes place from both parents at the time of conception and we are made in their emotional image.

Then we are born and we have schools and friends and family that mold and shape us through experiences shared.

Anyone starting to see how narcissistic it is to call oneself self made?

It takes a strong willful act of self delusion to separate oneself from all that has assisted one in becoming who one is by stating one is self made.

For anything we do in life to happen it takes other people being a part of it.

At times that looks like customers for a business. Without customers you have no business. It can also look like employees for a business. Without anyone to help you create and run the business all you have is an idea that is going to go nowhere unless you ave others involved.

This is why I often say that a company can run without a CEO however without the front line people the company is sunk.

It takes an act of narcissism to take the credit for the work of other people.

Our lives are bigger than us as an individual, much bigger.

Our lives are the sum of all the lives we have engaged with over the course of our lives. What we do has an impact in the lives of others. In order to gain wealth one must feed off others. I say feed because that money came from the others giving their life to work so they could give that money to you.

What sacrifices have been made by all who have paid you so that you can enjoy wealth?

I recently told someone that to seek wealth is to give up your soul in the search. I guess I would also add that to seek wealth is to feed off of the souls of others. In essence that is what is happening. People pour their life force energy or their soul into their work and then get money and then spend that money.

What is the value of your soul?

I specialize in a few thing and one of those things is deep soul healing. I work by donation, no donation required or ever asked for when it comes to deep soul healing work. I am there to help not feed.

This is why I look at the fact we have a spirituality industry and it sickens me to the core. Spirituality and wealth building do not go hand in hand and anyone telling you different is probably charging you.

They are taking from you to add to them. They feed off your money, your adoration and count on you following them like a cult leader.

This is why I started the Church of Rock N Roll and say “The Church of Rock N Roll is any and everywhere you can hear the music that connects to your soul.”

I will never have a building or hold services and I am not one to hold seminars or workshops that require cash up front to work on your spiritual walk. Change up your music from time to time and look at the lyrics to see what you are feeding yourself.

Music and film and TV and books all go into what becomes you.

No one is self made, no one.


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