In the dark I found my light

In the dark I found my light

It was deep within hidden from sight

Around it flickered a small flame

A love that burned for no particular name

It lacked passion to fuel the fire

It lacked desire

In passion lies madness

Soaring joy and plummeting sadness

Rage that burns for a name

Passion is never tame

From passions flame the art of my life has sprung

No matter how it has left me undone

When one fuels your inner fire

When one brings forth desire

A choice is made by two

One and one each with their own view

Dive into the madness and take the ride

Or never be side by side

Let one and one die in the flames

As one love burns for two names

Let their fire

Their desire

Blaze a trail for all to see

As one and one become three

When one and one become we

The flame is all any can see

Ride the madness

Through the joy, rage and sadness

Let the adventure once begun

Be worthy for a song to be sung

Never looking back

As they roll down any set of tracks

Before one and one can take this ride

Each must find their light inside

Learn to let their own love burn even without a name

Learn to keep one tame

Until one who can handle the fire

One who can ride the desire

One and one fueling each others flame

Burning love in each others name

That’s worth a trip through the dark to find ones light

To make sure one and one get it right


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