Imaginary lines create real problems

I bring up often I am a veteran of the United States Air Force and it is usually as I am about to talk shit about the United States.

That said, I’m not only going to pick on this chunk of dirt over here that I call home. I am picking on everyone today.

Borders are nothing more than imaginary lines in the sand or dirt or a mountain range or body of water or whatever. It is these imaginary lines that causes a lot of problems in the idea of being one human race and acting like it for the first time in human history.

History is our other problem. Instead of learning from it, we hold on to it to hold grudges and keep the imaginary lines meaning something to us.

The other problem is that once you have lines you have to put people in charge of making sure only the right people cross those lines. Then you have people in charge of those people and then shit gets so screwed up we are getting ever closer to a nuclear war.

We all know power corrupts and have been taught this simple lesson since we were children.

We read stories of political corruption all the time and have for decades and yet we still do things the same way as if it will magically fix itself. We hear these stories from many countries about many government officials and yet we keep doing things the same way and expect different results.

This means we as a world are insane.

We get this land because of this history. These borders have to be here because of this history. This history says we came from here so we have the rights to it not the people that are there now.

We all be humans and we all be indigenous to the planet Earth.

We keep refusing to learn from history and we keep repeating the doom and gloom of the past in new and different ways.

The one thing we have yet to try is to say “Fuck the history and we forgive you and you and whoever else and we have all decided to work at getting along and make Earth a place where we act like an evolved species not a bunch of squabbling children.”

I found myself in a debate over patriotism and of course I am against it as I am for a united Earth. I know this idea scares a lot of religious people out there and tough shit grow up and get over it.

The debate I found myself in was over making people say the USA is one nation under God. It isn’t. For one God lives in everything in the Universe which means God exists in all nations and all people equally.

Every last human being on this planet and the ones being born as I am typing and your reading are all children of God and have a tiny little piece of God within them.

Does anyone really think God wants all the kids fighting over who gets what chunk of land?

I don’t care which God from which book you want to bring to the discussion.

The simple truth is that unless we put history aside and forget about the imaginary lines we will continue to kill each other in horrific ways over that history and those imaginary lines and who gets to be in charge.

Anyone want to keep doing that or does anyone else think it is time for a change?

Is it time for the insanity to stop and the human race to grow up and act like an evolved species?

I take a pro human view to everything I do. I imagine often what the world would like if the rest of the world took the view for a day. One day of setting our shit aside and focusing on being nothing more than a decent human being and being decent to each other.

I personally don’t care who killed how many people or how many of whose relatives have died because until we let got of the hate and heal the pain through forgiveness we are doomed as a species to keep the cycle of murder over land and who gets to be in charge going until we wipe ourselves out.

Anyone think now is a good time to grow up?


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