When the lines dissappear

And the lines disappeared from view

It was there keeping one as two

When the walls come down and one and one meet

That is where we find life’s treat

Not in solitude all alone

In connection showing that we’ve grown

While solitude serves a purpose and is good for self reflection

You can’t be alone and build connection

Take the time to sort one out

Then take one out and about

Make eye contact and speak with kindness

Don’t allow yourself to develop solitude blindness

When alone we are blind

To all who would be kind

We take ourselves away

At times we need the break from the fray

Our true strength is in synergy

Nothing can top that energy

Two working as one

Whether it’s for work or for fun

It takes more than one to build any given thing

If no one hears it why even sing

If no one reads

Why let it bleed

If no one hears what is being said

One might as well be dead

A ghost never seen

That sounds kind of mean

Yes one should be whole in and of oneself

That does not mean we put all others on the shelf

It means one makes one whole to be better partner in the moment

When one and one share a comment

Let the comment grow into conversation

Who knows it could lead to elation



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