You know when you’re not free….

….when you are afraid of pissing off someone. That person is someone you have given control over you to.

The first amendment guarantees the freedom of speech as does the human bill of rights that the UN drew up.

With free speech comes a few things.

  1. Responsibility: Holding oneself accountable for what one says and how one says it.
  2. Toleration: Unpopular speech is still protected under free speech.
  3. Patience and empathy: It takes one to engage the other.

I once swore an oath to uphold the freedom of speech with my life should the need arise. I swore to uphold that oath against all enemies both foreign and domestic. An attack on free speech is an attack on the foundation of the constitution and the foundation of any civilized society.

I am a pacifist and do not ave any interest in any violent action, in fact the opposite I often say to forget the hate and heal the pain that caused it so we can all get along.

I often say remember we’re all blessed and oh what a day it would be if we all acted like it.

I get pissed the fuck off some days at the sate of the world and understanding exactly why it looks the way it does. I do not always deal with that well. I am human. One thing I never tolerate is name calling and bullies. Trump is a bully who I saw on the news is in a name calling war with someone. This is the president of the United States and he is involved in high school antics. What in the  blue holy fuck is going on?

As a veteran who swore to uphold the constitution I have to hear about Trump wanting to take away the freedom of expression from NFL players who decide to kneel at football games. How am I not supposed to see the president as an enemy of the constitution he swore to uphold and I swore to defend.

A couple decades ago Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor did a sketch where they used racial slurs towards each other in an escalating fashion. They did this sketch on Saturday Night Live. I saw on Linkedin that some dude on SNL called Trump a cheap cracker and they were really pissed off about it.

SNL has made fun of people for decades and it’s kind of their job. Is it racist, hell yes. Do I give a fuck, hell no. Here’s why.

Someone had to tell me they guy was black. Race only matters if you let it and making your race matter over and beyond the fact of being human is an act of racism in and of itself. It negates true human equality in favor of making one special due to skin pigment. I have DNA from Africa, Asia, The Middle East and all over Europe and Cherokee Indian. What the fuck do I care about race.

I don’t get why the rest of you make such a big deal about it. Having no cultural history to use as a way to identify myself allows me a great freedom and allows me to see the prison that cultural history is for so many and for our race that keeps us from embracing a pro human first view.

I have been really stressed lately and have been taking some time off and got really bored today and decided fuck it I am going to scroll social media for the day. I think a few people are praying I never get really bored again.

If you know my history with and that I was once a brand Ambassador for the social network, you also know it was the CEO Javier told me he was OK with other brand ambassadors slandering me. The screenshot showed up in several places on Linkedin today and each time it was relevant. In particular when it was on an article that showed up in my feed by Jim Murray, the one who had been slandering me that Javier defended.

Thanks to John Vaughn and Robert Bacal my fellow banned Bees for their continued support.

They were banned for using their freedom of speech to ask the CEO about discrepancies in their stats and how they are reported. It turns out that the numbers for views and stuff you see on beBee are greatly padded. I banned myself from beBee when in my final email to Javier I said “With all the respect your community has shown me, go fuck yourself.”

I have my moments I own however I am not proud of. I am human.

We all have those moments.

It’s a good thing to work at limiting how many of them we have. I often say that on occasion losing one’s patience is a good thing however never make a habit of it.  I often say patience exercised is patience cultivated.

“Patience leads to understanding but first one must find the view from in between where one is detached from all and sees oneself as other sees one. 

Only in engaging in empathy can one be truly mindful and aware of how one might be perceived based on one’s projection of self in the moment. It takes experience to build that understanding that is the basis of all wisdom. “

For those wanting to keep track, that last bit there was channeled and as much a reminder for me as a lesson for any who might see it for the first time. Or a reminder to those who may understand it in different words and different metaphors.

I think I have talked about it enough that maybe you all are ready for me to point out what is channeled as it is channeled. If not, too bad, grow up and deal with it.

This is why I often say I learn by teaching because as I have channeled over the years I have also paid attention to what has passed through me and learned along with my students and others.

It’s why I love spending one on one time with people and taking a view of existence through their eyes for a while. The ones I enjoy the most are the ones who are ready for the veil to drop and then I can relax even more. It’s a traumatic awakening for most when they hit it. It’s nice for them to have me around and I know because I didn’t have a me and I went through some unneeded hell because of that.

Part of the Shamanic path is to guide oneself out so one can be a guide to others on their journey no matter where they are on it. A Shaman is one who wanders the dark to help the lost find their way. A Shaman is one who shows up and demons start backing up. Even the best Shaman can only do so much to interfere if one refuses to change the behavior that brings the demons to begin with.

This is spiritual metaphor for any harmful behavior in a lot of ways. Our own lust for life can feel like a demon of its own, however it is simply part of being human. I might serve God however I stand on the side of humanity and question God daily. I have dealt with the Devil and beat him at his own game and still he is damn good at what he does. When you dance with the Devil and it doesn’t change you, that’s when you don’t mind cutting in to save someones ass if you can. This again is all metaphor for the lusts that life brings to us in the form of temptation that leads to harming the soul and a Shaman is a soul healer.

It also means on occasion you disappear for a few months here and there. Few will understand and those who do have followed me for a long time.

I am not writing as much as I have been known to over the last few years. For about 3 years in 3 different blogs and then on bBee I was averaging 3 pieces a day 6 days a week.

I’m tired.



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