The power of disbelief

It is the second most powerful thing in the universe. Disbelief makes one even easier to manipulate. Here’s why.

The lie is too pretty to not be true and the truth is often so ugly we fear it. We choose ignorance for the bliss it provides instead of facing the ugly truth and feeling the need to do something about it and then feeling powerless when more often than not there is nothing we can do. No one likes feeling powerless to do something about something they feel strongly about.

We are quick to disbelieve what one might be capable of for a variety of reasons however I find the tie for number one is because either we can’t see ourselves doing it or and some times even worse, we can see ourselves doing it, whatever the it is. The things that terrify me the most are the things I know I am capable of. I have lived my entire life being able to see your life through your memories and experience as you. I have relived every kind of horror you never want to think about much less maybe admit to living through. Things you may have had to do that you wish you could forget or even worse you miss them.

We don’t want to believe some things because it makes the world a lot scarier. We begin to feel smaller and less significant. We feel powerless.

My first mother in law had this cross stitch on her fridge that read “Faith is not faith until it is all you are holding onto.”

Thanks Linda.

That quote got me through a lot of tough times in life. These days I have come to see faith from a different view. I have had blind faith and I have had false faith and I have lived true faith that has been rewarded.

What is faith really?

I have an usual set of skills that put my faith to the test with every word that passes trough my lips. Try to imagine letting someone speak on your behalf as you. If you’re having trouble, I get it. Now take a moment and realize it makes it that much easier for me to channel and no one notices.

When I channel face to face I can believe it’s hard to believe what’s happening. I question my mental health daily and some days hourly. Crazy people don’t know they are crazy.

Our race is evolving at the genetic level and that’s why I can do all the stuff I can do that people have hard believing. I may be a servant of God as a Shaman however it is not a requirement to be an Empath or a Telepath or a Medium and these are genetic traits not spiritual bonds or gifts that are in accordance with prophecy, it’s evolution.

If you are out there and you need help learning to manage a genetic trait that has you feeling like no one will understand, please hit me up.

I live and breathe to help others like myself come to terms with it and learn how to manage it. I never ask for a thing for that work. That’s my passion work.

My other passion is story telling. I have a list of projects that include a graphic novel I need an artist for, a script I need 6 weeks alone in the middle of no where to write, a cartoon I need a co-writer who is emotionally 12 to help me flush out and a few fictional books I need solitude for to write.  I have one autobiography to write that I can’t stand writing.

I love the art of writing fiction.

I love blog writing.

I hate writing an entire book about me.

I love editing scripts. I have been doing that for Pete Conrad at Suicidal Flower Productions for a few years. Back in the day when I was writing under the name The Movie Whore I did a lot of free script work for a lot of independent no budget film makers. It is passion work I dearly miss.

I happen to be a Shaman and I just happen to be able to do all this weird shit but in my heart I am a creative producer always looking for a new project to get going and hand off to someone else to do something with.

Synergy is two more more coming together to produce more than any one can produce alone. In concept anyway.

I live for creative synergy in life.

I live for learning and growth synergy in life.

I live for synergy in life.

Believe it or not.



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