Societal Ills: Sexual Dysfunction

The lack of proper sexual education has led to a totally dysfunctional view toward sex and each other where sex is concerned. Here’s why.

There is a tidal wave I am holding back on this topic that I have been studying for decades trying to figure out the wisest behavioral choices for myself.

Self discipline, self accountability and taking responsibility for the results of ones choices. Sex is no different than any other area of life where these things are concerned yet somehow to state that often gets you thrown in the prude stack and the insults start. For some reason we have taken those concepts and labeled them as morality and puritan kind of thinking.

Her: “I’m dressed like this because it makes me feel sexy and powerful.”

Me: “Are you looking for sex?”

Her: “No.”

Me: “Do you dress the same way when you are looking for sex?”

Her: “Yes.”

Me: “So you understand that making yourself feel sexy and powerful is the act of telling the rest of the world you are using your sex to wield power over men in hopes of attracting a mate however not tonight even though you are projecting the same energy as if you were seeking a mate?”

Her: “Ummmmm….uh…uh…ummmm.”

Me: “Thought so.”

Question for the audience at home.

If sex is not on the table what is the value of claiming gender?

In the Book of Khaos Majick I wrote the following.

When one seeks to wield power over others that desire will wield power over one.

From Principle 2 of Khaos Majick

One who seeks to wield sex as power will destroy one’s soul.

From Principle 8 of Khaos Majick

One who attempts to use sexual energy to wield power over others will not know love.

One who uses sex to wield power over others will create fractured life.

From Khaos Life Majick Section 4

The power one seeks is always the power held over one.

The idea of wielding power over another one is the idea of having control over another one. The idea of having control will control one in one’s search to wield control over another one or other ones. If one is seeking to have control over another one through use of sexual energy one is taking love out of the equation and now one is on a selfish quest of self gratification. One cannot move in synergy with another one when one seeks pleasure for self.

Those who seek to transcend into unity cannot do so if they are holding onto the idea of gender outside the sexual embrace. Here’s why.

Unity is a state that can only be achieved in uniting the feminine and masculine within and taking an androgynous view of self and others unless sex is on the table so to speak. I don’t care who doesn’t like it, this is how it actually works anyway.

Having self respect means not having to reveal your form in order to find companionship.

Self respect is finding companionship based on what’s inside not outside.

Self respect is making oneself a gift worth unwrapping with patience and care.

Self respect is understanding the results of one’s actions regardless of one’s intent and acting accordingly.

During the sexual embrace we exchange a piece of our soul with our partner. It’s not always an equal exchange. People who take on multiple partners can and often do destroy their souls. It’s not a matter of morality it is a matter of soul health.

The emotional state of the parents in their totality of self is what gets imprinted on life created during sex. The baggage both parents are carrying at the time of conception is imprinted emotionally onto the child created.

Even in couplings that are male on male or female on female the soul exchange is still in effect while the sexual act does not produce new life. Regardless of how one identifies in gender, the plumbing really does define the capability. A refusal to accept one’s form is a refusal to accept oneself. Regardless of who one seeks to mate with one is born with the plumbing one is born with.

If one seeks unity one understands and accepts gender is meaningless outside of sex. If one seeks to live in gender one will build a prison for one’s idea of self based on gender choice. One cannot live in one gender specific and claim to seek equality. Only in seeing each other as androgynous human beings does one truly seek equality in self and in and for others.

When one owns gender one is seeking sex whether one intends to or not. Sexual energy is part of the projection of self when one is owning gender. One will unconsciously be sending out a projection of interest in sex when one owns gender. Gender serves the purpose of sex.

Until we understand and embrace this and educate this from the start there is no hope for our species to truly evolve and heal from our sexual dysfunction.



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