Coming out of the Basement

It has been too often in life when I am talking to people about my abilities as an Empath, Telepath and a Medium that I am treated as if I am a freak who should be locked up in the basement and never spoken of. I’m not alone in this. I call being public about what I am able to do as coming out of the basement.

If I had one thing that is why I do everything it is eventually building a school for Empaths and what not so they can learn how to manage and harness their natural born abilities and turn them into skills.

We can’t stop evolution or make it go away because we don’t want to believe it’s true. The sooner we start teaching those born with these abilities how to manage them, the better their life can be.

Today many go through life not knowing and/or are lying to themselves about what happens in their life. I was one of them for 37 years. I spent the first 37 thinking there was something wrong with me or that I was crazy. It’s been 6 years. I spent the first year saying to myself “I do what.?” I never wanted it to be true. I knew how people would react for the most part.

I’m a Telepath I have a real good idea of how people are going to react in advance.

The idea of there being someone I could keep nothing from scares me and I am one of those people you can’t keep anything from. It’s why I spent the first year trying to make it untrue.

I have lost everything for coming out of the Basement and being honest about what I am able to do since birth. I know others who have lost everything for being honest about natural abilities they have. Our numbers our growing with the birth rate. It’s evolution. In a few decades 99% will be like me.

Several years ago I started writing Peace Lords, a piece of fiction. I was writing it however based on looking forward into our future 40 years from now. Not a certain future a possible future. I have often seen the future in visions and dreams throughout my life and I often keep that part of my life to myself.

The future is ever changing based on the choices made in the now.

This means the ultimate power in the Universe is the power to choose. It’s a power we forsake far too easily because of the responsibility of owning the results of our choices. Deciding to do nothing is still a choice made. Our choices impact the lives of others.

Right now the choice of many is making life for the few like me difficult at best and at some point in time we are going to be the many. If you don’t plan for the future and take part in creating the destiny of humanity, you allow others to take that power as their own.

I keep asking myself one question while writing my autobiography “Why am I doing this?”

There are children who need instruction in how to manage these abilities who are not getting it. There are children being misdiagnosed and their abilities being treated as a condition. There are more and more of these children being born daily. That’s how evolution works and we are jumping forward as a species.

To foster this jump forward we need to start now with an evolution of thought. That begins with seeing one human race and finding ways to bring this world together. If things continue as they are we are going to nuke our species out of existence.

I barely pay attention to the news and read the writing on the wall. The only way for us to save our own asses is to set our differences aside and build on our one commonality, we are all human beings and the Earth is our home.

I have DNA in me from every continent except Australia. In a world where we care so much about cultural history and who started out where, where does someone like me fit in?

Where does an Empath, Telepath and Medium fit in?

I was once kicked out of the local Stonewall office for being straight and I had shown up to give free Reiki sessions and lessons. The woman who asked me to me leave was so mean, down right hostile about it that I was the one in tears as I left. She had completely missed the part where I talked being an Empath and tasting the sting of discrimination and people treating me differently before she got angry that I was straight and told me I was not welcome and only gays and transgender were welcome.

The Bassmint (Not a typo) is a what happens on Friday nights at The Golden Place Chinese restaurant.  They turn the place into a DJ dance club. I met more than a few Empaths and Mediums and a couple who can do even freakier shit like me, however I still didn’t fit in.

I do not support psychedelic use as a sound path to awakening and activating your DNA. I have seen the results up close and personal and the abuse going on now is destroying minds and lives.

I do not support a polyamorous lifestyle and see it for the hedonism it is and as a Shaman who does deep soul healing I can tell you for a fact that having multiple sexual partners weakens your soul and gives pieces of your soul away.

Not morals, just happens to be how it actually works.

I don’t judge people for their past or having one. So much of what we keep to ourselves is because of the many who will judge. Over the years I have worked with PTSD cases of every kind. I have seen every kind of nightmare this world can produce in the life of a human being and taken on the pain caused by it as if it was my own. I have seen the memories and relived them as my own. I never wanted to, I was just born doing it with no off switch.

What mastering my abilities has allowed me to do is help people heal from the worst things no one should ever have to experience. It is something an Empath is adept at naturally. Empaths are born healers and peace makers. Our ability to read the truth makes us perfect for negotiations and our ability to take on all the emotion in a room can make sure cooler heads prevail.

Having our natural born abilities accepted is the only thing that will allow us to help.

I’m writing the book to help with the education process and the sales from all my books go towards building that school for Empaths.

My son is one of these kids who needs a school like this. I have friends all over the country and world who have kids who need a school like this.

My other dream is to open a non religious theology center that is a repository for spiritual teachings from around the globe that allows people to come in and study what they want and there are people on staff to answer questions only and not preach.

The big dream is the Artist and Science and Technology complexes. Self sustaining complexes that offer a variety of community services to include, but not limited to, free classes in various arts and areas of science and technology. These complexes have their own farm and the really big dream is to build them all over and have them networked together as the Global Arts Network and The Global Science and Technology Network.

The epic mega happy happy joy joy dream is to have The Suicide Flowers made the exact way Pete and I have talked about doing it for the last too many years. We have a marketing plan we want to try that has the virtue of not being done and having the film that is the perfect vehicle for the process.

I’m also a Producer at Suicidal Flower Productions. I just gave The Survival of the Sparrows in script for the twice over. If you don’t go over it at least twice when editing you are only doing half the work.

I am available for piece work on script editing and work on a sliding scale with your budget for editing services.

Every thing I make goes into my dreams and making them come true. As you can see even the one semi-selfish dream involves someone else and it’s the guy who wrote the last book I ever read cover to cover.

For Reiki and Shamanic guide sessions I will always work by donation, no donation necessary or asked for.

Soul readings with Soul Art are done by commission and include a session. You’re paying for the art and a lifetime of guidance that comes with each piece that has a lesson buried within the design.

I do a lot of different stuff while working on my dreams. The one thing I don’t do is fart on the snare drum.




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