Shredding the Veil of Social Media Part 3: Who You Selling For?

I love The Pretty Reckless. It has everything to do with the lyrics. The song Who You Selling For shares the same name of the album that is my favorite one so far from this band. Here’s why.

In the middle of a dream
On the darkest night
Woke up in a scream
Thought I’d lost my sight
Who you selling for tonight?

In the world of Social Media exists a dream world where we think who we are online actually matters in some way out in the really real world. If you lost internet access what would your life look like?

Have we lost sight of what it means to live a human life as we make the social media life the one we sell for. Having a social media strategy is the norm these days in business. Whose attention are you trying to get on social media?


Have we lost our sight in who we are selling or what we are selling online?

Even if it is merely the idea you actually use all those quotes you post in life, all of us are selling some sort of image online to make sure we get likes and shares and comments from people. We sell our self worth online to anyone who will give us attention.

We seek validation in the numbers.

Number of likes.

Number of views.

Number of comments.

Number of shares.

Number of friends/connections.

We tie our self worth to and validate ourselves through these numbers in order to participate in social media.

It’s easy to manipulate people who are impressed by numbers. The more impressive the numbers the more easily manipulated those impressed by numbers are.

What did we get for what we sold and what exactly did we sell?

In the middle of a dream
On the darkest night
Or so it seems
But I think I’m right


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