Tales from the weird file Part 1

I have said often in my life that if I am in your life there is a reason for it and most frequently it is due to something you need from me. After a few decades of living this life I have become a little callous at times. The question of “What do you need?” is something that feels as though I have said it thousands of times. Living a life of service is just that a life in service to others. Service is about meeting needs when it comes to being a Shaman who is as much a spiritual guide as a Shaman is a soul healer. That is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

The amount of influence one has in the life of another as a Shaman is as scary for the Shaman as it is for the one who has found the Shaman. My biggest fear is always that I might give the wrong guidance to some one. I can fuck myself up all day long however when it comes to guiding another I am terrified of getting it wrong and what that could mean to their life.

I never realized how wise I had become until I started following my own advice. Typically speaking one that would call oneself wise is full of shit however exceptions do exist. There is an exception to every rule and it’s usually me.

Before you start name calling let me start with a tale of how the exception to the rule just happen to apply to me one of many times and why even in that there is a responsibility and a down side.

The principle of Cosmic Alchemy comes heavily into play in a Shamans life and even more so if that Shaman specializes in Karmic Balancing and deep soul healing. The only way to truly heal a soul is to balance the Karma of that soul and only the soul can do that through experience. However at times what is needed also needs someone to be there to get them through it. A lot of my friends have a way of feeling more like they are my “charges” than my friends. I have this knack for showing up in peoples lives when they have no one else they could ever talk to about the things we talk about. Typically very lonely people that might feel as though the world left them behind.

In order to match their vibration and be able to reflect what they project I have to take on their behavior as if it was my own. This is where mirroring and being a master chameleon comes into play. While it looks like I behave one way to one person, someone else gets something as different as they are. If I put the mirror up I mirror whoever I am interacting with. I set the parameters for the nature of the relationship and allow them to guide me through what should be proper behavior based on our relationship mirroring them or knowing how to best explain it to them and understand how they might react to it. It’s an art.

It’s taken years to master it and a lot of fucking things up which in doing this means a lot of needlessly hurt feelings. It’s why I worked so hard to master it.

They made an exception to the rule at ITI Marketing when they gave me my first promotion. I had been there for only two months and the rule was 90 days. I got the promotion anyway. The job had no training manual or standard operating procedures. It was all on the job training and our own notes. This was my first long term job after I received my honorable discharge from the United States Air Force. I was a technical order manager as one of my additional duties and had submitted corrections that later were updated Air Force wide for my that piece of equipment. Military technical orders are written in a way so that if you die and someone who has never seen the equipment has to, they can read the technical order and make make it work.

I wrote a training manual for this new job and a set of standard operating procedures on my time and then gave them to my manager as a surprise. He approved it all and had no edits to make. I also scared the shit out of him being able to whip it together as fast as I did and he was afraid for his job.

The Universe will allow the rules to bend however you must be able to show why in action or why bother. There was a bigger purpose in the result than me getting a promotion. When it benefits the sum not just the one or the some the likelihood of being an exception to any rule goes up.

I live my life to serve the sum total of humanity as a Shaman and the Universe or God is my boss. That part of it I never like to acknowledge because it kind of kills the whole idea of being able to argue with the boss and win one. I am not into purity and all that other stuff.

I am the guy who as a Shaman will still tell you I can sum up how I live my life with Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll and feel fine about it.

Sex: Be responsible, be respectable, be consensual and for all that is holy and sacred work on being sensual.

Drugs: Know what you are putting in your body and the effects it will ave and don’t bitch to me about it later. Moderation and self discipline are your friends.

Rock ‘N’ Roll: Fuck it and crank it to 11 and blow your ear drums out to the music that reaches in and grabs your soul.

I feel good about living that. When you stop and think what it takes to live up to that, you might see I have a point or two.

This is how you get to be me. Talk mad shit and then back it up. It used to be try and then I released not to talk shit unless I had a real good idea about what I was talking about. I am not your average anything much less your typical Shaman. I am different and I work at it.

The work it takes is to learn the rules and find the loop holes and make yourself fit in the hole is work done in every breath. That is not a trick and can take more work than most people do in a year just to pull it off one day. It took 4 years in the Air Force and that experience to make it worth it to bend that one rule that one day in order to get the needed result.

The further you step out the bigger the abstract web of synchronicity one can see. Most can’t even imagine seeing what I see.

One who is meek understands need and cares little if at all about want. When one is meek one is not living by their rules one is living by Karmic Law. One lives within their rules however always governs self through the eyes of Karmic Law in all one does or one is not meek.

It helps to believe it can happen. I have always said I believe anything can happen in my life no matter how low the probability is. That has me thinking about my birthday wish and a few dreams I had. If I told you the wish has no chance of coming true in a magical way that defies explanation and make a great story to add to the other stories of my life.

Try finding something that is as equally or more benefiting to the sum total and you simultaneously and see if you can figure out what it is you both really want and need and serves the need of the many not the one or the some and as close to the sum as possible.

I get I am the odd one for already spending years of my life on this one. It’s why I am the Shaman. Its part of my job to think about this kind of thing as if it was the normal every day conversation. I am the exception and I work at it.

If you think you have something so weird I will be shocked, hit me up with it and I bet I got something as weird or weirder.



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