Shredding the Veil of Social Media Part 2: Comments

Why do I feel the need to comment?

Why did I write this particular comment?

Only you can answer that question for the last comment you left online.

I have taken a lot of shit over the years for some of the comments I have left. Here’s why.

I’m a Shaman.

I work at not being a hypocrite.

When I see something that is in error I stop and say something.

I have a bad habit of being right.

To see something you know to be wrong and to do and/or say nothing is the purest form of evil there is. You can look up a metric fuck ton of quotes that say similar. I know because I have done it before and used them in a piece to illustrate how alone I am not in my thinking on this one.

We live in an age where we have made opinions carry more weight than the truth and the guy or gal who drops the truth into the mix is the evil fuck. I have had people type it out in comments that they think I am evil for correcting an opinion with the truth. I have had relationships fall apart in my life because I happen to hold truth above opinion and once the truth is known opinion doesn’t mean shit to anyone except the one giving their opinion trying to get attention or seek validation.

This just happens to be how it works. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. That does not stop it from being true.

Are you valid or seeking validation is a piece I wrote. Who thinks the guy who wrote that piece is seeking validation in any form from anyone?

Most of us are unaware of the validation we seek that keeps us in behavior patterns that often have us wondering why in the blue holy fuck does this shit keep happening?

For you brainwashed people out there who think about giving me shit for using words such as fuck and shit, let me give you a special lesson in language.

If you tell people one set of words is bad and that anyone who uses them is inferior you have found a way to control the masses and create a class system based on language alone. If you think fuck is a bad word that is only because someone told you it was and you believed them.

This is why I don’t give a fuck about people who are offended by a word.

Back to commenting on social media.

Some people think they can create a career for themselves by commenting on other peoples stuff online and be professional social media commenters. I had this discussion with Deb Helfrich who I dealt with on beBee. Making a name for yourself by latching on to other people and riding their coat tails is not a career it’s pathetic behavior and shows no self respect what so ever. If you have no self respect you have no respect for others. In order to make a career out of being a commenter on social media you  have to make what you have to say mean as much if not more than the piece you are commenting on.

That means making a career out of showing other people up to make yourself look good.

If I was worried about my image or what people thought about me, do you really think half the shit on this site would even be here. I write shit that has a niche audience and some of the loyalist followers anyone could ever be grateful to have. However most people it tends to piss them off and a lot of people wish I would go away and shut up and never come back or write again.

I’m a Shaman and I am not out to win any popularity contests. When I look at the people I tend to upset and why it is I upset them, I see a group of people who don’t want you to know they are bending you over and fucking you up the ass with what they do and are only doing the same old thing of feeding of the ignorance of others in order to get ahead.

When I drop comments on their posts that point out where they are incorrect and why, they tend to block me on social media. It’s why I have been blocked by Joanne Swecker and Jivana Kennedy to name two of a long list. Now that I am no longer playing the game I find it interesting the stuff people comment on when I do post and what they have to say.

I always start with the questions, why one would say that?


Why would one want to respond to that?

If the point of your comment is to start a discussion with me, how would you start a discussion if we were one on one based on what you just read or saw in one of my posts?

If you do not want to start a discussion with me, why are you saying anything?

A comment is an attempt to communicate with the originator or author of the post or piece. It is not an opportunity to ride the coat tails of an another and show off. Those are two different things and one is selfish self interest and if you have that much good shit to say, write your own piece or post something yourself. I have had comments I have left turn into pieces I wrote later. It was common when I was on beBee. I had discussions in comments that turned into pieces written by two or 3 people on the topic later.

It became a problem when people decided to start copying and pasting other peoples work just to give it a comment break down of their own instead of writing their own piece. That is as close to plagiarism as it gets.

Why do you comment on social media?

Is it to communicate to perform?


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