The Social Disease spread by Social Media

I have put off writing this article as it points out my own hypocrisy in even writing it and sharing it out on social media.

That said.

I have participated in social media since the early days of the Yahoo chat-room. Back then you could go into a lesbian chat-room and chat with a bunch of guys pretending to be women.

Or to say using a fake name and a picture that is not you is not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination.


We have been using fake names and images to represent ourselves online since we could go online and talk to other people.

Why is it no one ever stopped to ask if this was healthy behavior from the start?

Instead we all showed up in droves to use cool sounding nicknames and make shit up about ourselves to talk to people we would never have to meet face to face.

Social media is all about image and has nothing to do with substance. It all starts with the picture we use. I personally find it to be a sign of social mental illness that the word selfie even exists. It promotes narcissistic tendencies. It promotes the idea of image over substance just in signing up.

I have taken a break from social media for the last month or so and even deleted my Twitter account. I have a couple friends I keep up with through messaging on Linkedin and Facebook and I still might sue the CEO of over slander and him admitting to it. See the photo below.

For the record about a month or so after this message it was not long before I told Javier “With all the respect your website has shown me go fuck yourself.”

I was a Brand Ambassador for beBee at the time and was being slandered by Jim Murray, Phil Friedman (A known Linkedin troll) and others and because they were promoting beBee they were allowed to slander any and everyone on the site they wanted to and the CEO did nothing. It is rumored they were on the payroll from the start of their relationship with

This is a prime example of the social disease. As long as they are not talking and about me who cares and sometimes it’s entertaining to watch and read the comments of trolls as they fuck with people.

I have had one person email me to find out where I have been the last few weeks.

Out of all the comments I have received over the years about how much people love me and what not and support my work, I just found out in the last few weeks how many of them are totally full of shit. All but 3 of them.

This is part of the social disease. Out of sight, out of mind and never given a thought.

Just happens to be the factual results.

In the last few weeks I have spoken with others who dropped out of social media and they had similar tales to tell of no one really noticing they had left and no one reaching out to find out what happened.

I have spent most of my time the last couple months with a friend who has cancer and is a single father of a 17 year old with autism. I am the only one who hangs out with him and visits him and makes sure he is taking care of himself, not just his son. He also has the burden of taking care of his mom who doesn’t move around real well and has a sister who is a meth head and alcoholic who is always around feeding off of the family.

I give him Reiki treatments and counsel as the Shaman I am and always will be no matter how much I try to retire. I was born a Shaman and for people like me there is no retirement, only pulling way back and making yourself the guy you can only find if you know someone who knows someone.

However since my friend is not on Facebook you will never have any idea who he is. No one will be circulating posts of “Hey can this guy get a like for surviving cancer and taking care of his autistic son as a single dad.”

Instead my friend goes largely ignored by the world and is dealing with it all on his own as he always has.

My friend also has worked with his son and other autistic kids over the years and has them doing things that the experts told him and their parents they would never do. Things like going to school and being able to go out in public in a crowd or to a public pool and interact with other kids.

However since he has no Facebook page or some stupid bullshit like that none of you will ever hear about him except for this piece.

The social disease is that it deosn’t exist unless it;s on social media and that includes people.

The social disease is talking mad shit because you know you will never meet face to face.

The social disease is about promoting image and not caring if it can be backed up or not.

The social disease is Candace Galek getting famous for posting bikini pictures on Linkedin and winning the argument because she runs a bikini store online so it was professional for her to use the shots of half naked skinny women to gain popularity.

She had no brilliant plan, she simply used the female form as an object.

I have spoken to Candace though messaging one on one and I am fairly certain that if someone was that much of a marketing guru they would not need to have a bunch of marketing interns as she said she did at the time because she really had no idea what she was doing basically showing she is a one trick pony.

The social disease and the no substance all image results it has and keeps producing.

Then there is Travis Bradberry a Linkedin Influencer whose book is one of the worst pieces of guidance I have ever read and yet because Linkedin is pimping him hard and heavy and using the title Infulencer with his name people actually buy his bullshit. I have often corrected Travis’ posts on Linkedin showing how much he does not even understand what he is talking about.

I could go on and on with named examples of the disease of social media. At the heart of this disease, the thing that has infected too many, marketing.

Marketing is using behavioral psychology to manipulate people with will and intent into doing what they would not do otherwise. It is the art of manipulating people into thinking they need what you are selling or providing as a good or service.

Everything anyone of us does on social media is marketing ourselves to get more likes, more friends, more shares, more sales, more more more.

Social media is the machine that marketing built.

A mechanism that only survives because we have been led to believe we need to be on it or we don’t matter. Fear of missing out on something that has led millions upon millions upon millions to sign up and be one of the cool kids.

Anyone feeling the need to lash out at me right now after reading this is only feeling that way because you know I am right and you don’t want to admit it.

Instead you want to lash out at me and call me names so you can go on being diseased and never heal yourself from the sickness that probably takes up more of your day then the time you devote to people who are actually around you.

It’s easier to talk shit about me than to admit the hard and pain filled truth that you fell for it hook line and sinker and are now so caught up in it that you can’t imagine life without social media even though many of us remember life before social media.

You’re angry at yourselves not me. It’s just easier to shoot the messenger when we hate the message that shows how decent of a human being we are not.

Social media is a disease that is causing mental issues galore around the world. People kill themselves over social media. We all hear the stories on occasion of the social media related suicide. Imagine how many stories we never hear about.

When was the last time you noticed someone had not been on in a while?



One thought on “The Social Disease spread by Social Media

  1. While I agree with most of your points, I don’t see why someone not on facebook would be less famous than in the time before social media. A person who lives in isolation today would have also lived in isolation yesterday, sad to say.


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