Words have no meaning without action

Words have no meaning if they are not backed up by action.

It takes more than words to create change. If one seeks to make change one seeks to change oneself and become an example of what that change looks like.

I had a conversation today with my sons maternal grandfather. The two of us really do not like each other that much however I can not invalidate the wisdom of his words due to personal feelings based on history or I am a fucking hypocrite.

The history of what led to us not being big fans of each other is not important in the now where it is about my son, his grandson and making sure he knows he is loved and that we have his best interest at heart and in mind and in action.

We were discussing the state of the world and what is wrong with it and why and how we got here and if it can be fixed for my sons generation so their children have it better than my son does.

I have long since forgiven my 2nd wife and her parents for the past and it seems they have been able to do the same as we had a pleasant visit and stories of the past were shared with laughter and my son got to witness grown ups setting aside differences and working at getting along.

We live in a world centered around adults and their desires with very little concern for how it effects the children. I have said before, it doesn’t matter if you have no kids, you are still an example and a role model to any child who sees you.

When I was talking to my son today I told him he has been what brings out the best in me to make sure I give him a good example and role model. We also talked about how important it is to me that he understands that I have no desire for him to ever be a clone of me and that it is OK for him to have different preferences than me.

I want him to grow figure out who he is and desires to be and that I will always be there for guidance when he needs or wants it. My son is quite intelligent and at age 12 was giving us his political views at one point and they were worth hearing. He showed he is able to form his own opinions with out simply repeating something he heard or read.

Living my last article and watching my son live up to something he has never read but has always seen in me and the way I engage with people.

One thing I cannot tolerate above all else is my own hypocrisy whether it is me or someone else that catches me in it. How can I be intolerable of the hypocrisy of others if I allow it within myself.

I hold myself accountable and responsible for my words and backing them up with action. If someone has to notice than I have failed to live to my potential. It does happen on occasion because I am as human as the next human.

I have studied enough of the worlds religions that I can feel real comfortable in saying that those who use their religion as an excuse for violence are hypocrites.

I have studied enough history to understand every empire falls and usually it is at a high cost in the lives lost and the suffering that led to that fall and ensues after.

I have studied enough history to understand that class systems eventually degrade and cause suffering within the system in order to maintain the system.

I have studied enough to understand that to elevate any, many others must be held down.

In order to have a class system you have to be able to determine who is worthy and who is not and create inequality through this set of standards for who measures up and who does not. In order for a class system to work entitlement is part of that. This group is entitled for this reason and that group is entitled to this or that for these reasons.

The concepts are this simple and complex mechanisms are put in place through behavioral programming so that it becomes the norm and people rarely if ever think to question it. Part of that behavioral programming must include systems of abuse in order to punish those who dare buck the system.

No one has a right to luxurious living and no one should be made to feel inferior for any reason.

A short while ago someone told me they felt inferior to me because of what I was able to explian and my response was to tell him I was jealous he could play guitar and write music. Something I have attempted many times without success in the endeavor. Neither of us is inferior or superior, we merely have different abilities in different areas.

In a lot of what I write I try to keep it to the concepts however if asked I can provide details on personal life experience to back up what led to my choice of expression.

The most disturbing part of today’s conversation was when I had to admit the man I was sitting across from had a valid point I did not like.

Those who rule through oppression and violence cannot be taken down from their places of self given power without being forced to do so in some violent fashion. I don’t like that that statement has an air of truth to it. I am a pacifist because I am well trained martial artist.

I avoid violence as a way of life and always have, however I have trained to defend my own life if needed. I have always felt that if I ever have to use violence to defend myself, I fucked up about six steps ago and need to evaluate how to avoid finding myself in that situation again. I have had to use the martial arts training in a physical way once and it was enough to remind me why I choose pacifism.

I often imagine a world where violence is not such a daily occurrence that it fills our news outlets worldwide. I often imagine a world without countries where we live as one united world. I often imagine a world of equality for all people.

I was proud of myself today when at one point in the discussion I was told I sounded like John Lennon. For the remainder of the day I had a set of lyrics running through the back of my mind.

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

While history shows that it has taken acts of violence to bring down those who oppress others, I find the truth is that it can be done peacefully and that we simply have not figured out how to do that yet.

It takes change and that change starts within and living it and being an example of it in action.

The future belongs to the dreamers and those who will become the change the world needs for the children to create better and for their children to create better and their children and so on.

The dreamers need help from the doers who need a path to explore in living to bring those dreams to reality.

It takes those who have different abilities to work in synergy to build for the future that creates a new world that is brave enough to let go of the past and embrace the unknown.

I imagine a lot as a writer of fiction who is working on several new books. A lot of writers have imagined that brave new world where we dare to be different than we have been and grow to surpass the confines of repeating history.

Now we need action more than ever if we are ever to turn our world around and let the evolution of thought bring about an evolution in society to unite our world.

This here is the only action I can take on my own. It might not be much but at least I know I am doing what I can.

Who will join the dreamers of today to build the better world of tomorrow in the present?

Who will let go of the past and venture off into the unknown with us to build it and make it known?

Who will join us in change?




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