Quit quoting other people

To an intelligent person with the strength to think for themselves when you quote someone else you look like a weak willed idiot.

Here’s why.

Generally speaking people quote others to show off what they have read and because they forget they have the ability to find their own way of putting things. Thought work is hard work and that’s probably why so many people use the words of others instead.

In my family as a child when I was old enough to join the family debate sessions that were the main event of family reunions and get togethers, I was told never to quote anything or anyone and that if my answer for why I said that was that I read it in a book, I wasn’t allowed to speak any more.

Here’s why.

Until you can put in your own words you are giving blind faith to someone who convinced some other people to publish a book and have made a slave of your mind to any idiot who writes a book.

You give away the power to think for yourself.  You are telling the world you have no idea how to think and that you only know how to let other people tell you what to think.

I pretty much lose all respect for people who only use the quotes of other people. I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who never takes the time to use their own words and instead posts up nothing but the words of others.

It’s the most annoying thing about social media for a thinking human.

A few years back I was in an online group of over 500,000 worldwide and led a discussion on this very topic.

Not one person could give me an intelligent reason to use a quote instead of using your own words. Many called me an arrogant prick.

It’s not arrogance when you can back it up.

I have often told people how to be me is to talk shit and then try to back it up. For the first 35 years of my life I got my ass handed to me a lot. In the last 7 years I have destroyed a lot of people’s delusions and made a lot of enemies in doing so. I have also made some friends because I had the strength of character to stand alone and take on all comers and show why I am not arrogant, I am confident based on experience.

I have a question for you all.

How many people have you heard of someone that changed their skeleton all on their own?

I activated and changed my DNA and in that process I changed my skeleton and a few other things. It’s why I won’t read any of the books anyone recommends to me. I already mastered the process on my own without reading any of those books.

I never went to one seminar or workshop.

I never made a journey to visit some wise person.

I never used psychedelics or plant medicine.

I never did yoga.

I never listened to special music that had a special frequency.

I never took one Reiki class and ended up designing my own Reiki form that other practitioners called one of the most powerful they had ever seen. It’s on this site for free.

This is why I often say “I often say…..” quoting myself.

It takes wise one to stand and speak their own mind and a great fool to only repeat other people like a parrot.

I was taught to think for myself as a child and as a 42 year old I still think for myself and honestly I can’t stand to talk to people who refuse to think for themselves. If I wanted to know what so and so thought, I would be talking to them.

I dare you to take on the challenge of not posting one single quote from anyone and instead use your words like a grown up.

To all those who have something nasty to say, I can already tell you I have heard worse from better so save yourself the embarrassment.

Happy Monday.


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