Tradition has done much to retard growth for humanity.

Here’s why.

It keeps people locked into defining their identity based on traditions.

It creates cultural stagnation where no growth takes place.

Look at the evidence that is humanity.

People the world over cling on to traditions based in history and religion and act as if these things are worth killing and dying for.

I was one of them once upon a time. The I let go of it all.

What I found through experience was that things that I thought were sacred were actually trappings that limited my understanding of life the universe and most things.

What experience taught me was that to hold on to something because some people decided a long time ago it should be held sacred for all time is that all I did was keep segregation alive within me.

A wise one takes it all in and makes up their own mind and a fool follows a crowd, pick a crowd

It takes strength of will and a desire to truly grow to tell the crowd to fuck themselves. It takes a weak will to follow a crowd because one desires acceptance and is wiling to compromise to gain it.

This means that yes indeed I have zero respect and reverence for ancient teachings and ancient tradition of all kinds and find any who follows them because they think ancient shit in the only way to go is a great fool and is wandering blindly without ever thinking for themselves.

The only power anything has over us is the power we give it. The only meaning sacred teachings have is the meaning we give it. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Until you can put in your own words you don’t understand it. A lesson I learned from family as a child.

Can anyone show me how any ancient teaching has brought unity to this world?

No you can’t, because none of them have.

Most of them are based in duality which is a low vibrating state of being. It’s a way of life that keeps one blind to the fact that the only things that stops any of us from doing anything is ourselves. Our decisions form our identity.

Why tie your identity to something you were not around for?

Traditions are used for the purpose of control.

We have to do this for this reason because the of this thing that happened that none of us were alive for but we have to keep the spirit of it alive or we lose something of ourselves.

I couldn’t even type out the last sentence without feeling stupid and weak willed.

A new paradigm means letting go of the old one and that means letting go of all the old ancient stuff that has been used to manipulate us and keep us from uniting as one human race. History has already shown it keeps us separate and fighting over whose way is the one way and fuck off to anyone who says different.

It’s one of the reason I wrote the Book of Khaos Majick. To free myself from ancient stuff and give myself something that allows me to continue my evolution of thought. It allows me to make new discoveries and realizations without building a prison of limitations for myself. I wrote it at the same time I was writing Psychospirilosophy The Martial Art of Thought to give myself a spiritual guide to go along side the philosophical and psychological guide I was writing.

In both a lot of unnecessary knowledge was left out in favor of the wisdom that is understanding.

One of the things I often have to remind my students of is to stop over complicating things and to realize things truly are a lot simpler than we want them to be. It’s in making it complicated that makes us feel smart. Over the course of my life I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I felt stupid when I realized how simple things truly are.

Simplicity is the key to wisdom. The more complicated you make things the further you remove yourself from understanding.

If knowledge is power than wisdom is understanding.

This why I say if you cant explain it to a child who has studied next to nothing, you don’t have one fucking clue what you are talking about.

A simple truth.

A fact of existence.

Hate it all you want however it does not stop it from being true.



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