The unpopular truth

What you are about to read is unpopular truth.

Karmic Law states that history will repeat itself until changed.

Has making cultural history significant done one good thing for the entirety of the human species?

I’m going to say it has done the exact opposite as I see segregation everywhere and using cultural history as the excuse. Unpopular and will piss a lot of people off however it happens to be a fact of history that has yet to change because we continue to set cultural history above human progress.

Has having segregated groups of humans done anything good our species?

From over here I see a history littered with wars because we keep ourselves segregated instead of uniting as one race. Again this a fact of history.

Unpopular yes, however it does not stop it from being absolutely true.


We have let history mean more than now.

Karmic Law says all that exists is now.

If all that exists is now why does the history matter and why do let it build prisons for ourselves that keep us segregated and from uniting as one race.


This means that until let go of who did what to whose ancestors and who is indigenous to where, we are damning ourselves to repeat the history we have already lived as a species. Last time I checked we are all from Earth.

Why do we need to have one set of humans have precedence over a piece a land over all other human beings?

I think it’s fucked up that my fellow Native Americans (I am part Cherokee) have forgotten to apply the lesson to the human race that the land does not belong to us, we are merely caretakers of this Earth, all of us.

Unpopular as all hell, however still true.

How is religion doing anything to unite us as a human race?

We have fought wars over religion. Extremists to this day still use religion as a reason to give into violence instead of negotiating peace. People all over the world use their religion of choice to label who is good and who is not. Fact of life in the now.

Even within religions there are factions and they can’t even unite their own religion.

Fact of life in the now.

Things get lost in translation due to context. Metaphorical meanings change. What was once seen as this is now seen as that.

This means we need to let go of ancient texts and seek to update based on the now or we create yet another prison that has done nothing but keep us from uniting as one race. Unpopular, however quite true.

Life is not a game.

In order to play a game there must be a winner and a loser. Those who treat life as a game will call inhuman behavior towards other humans good gamesmanship since they come out on top.

We are evolving as a species and that evolution takes an evolution of thought in order for there to be an evolution of genetics. Essence precedes existence. If we keep repeating the same things over and over again as we have throughout history we will never evolve as a species.

Unpopular, however true.

It’s not that I don’t get that saying these things will piss some people off, I do. I’m simply more interested in progress than repeating the same history over and and over again that has us in a world where violence on the news has become the norm. I can take the heat and quite frankly I don’t care who I piss off by speaking the truth.

If the truth pisses you off, that’s your problem and you need to ask yourself why it pisses you off.

Now let me go for the throat.

Each and every day we are building for the future generations.

That means building for the children.

That means even if you have no children you are still responsible for building for the children. A child doesn’t give two shits about history until they are taught to do so. That means we need to start teaching our children to let go of history and see each other as human and see us all as one human race or we are abusing them and making them conform to what history has already shown is not working.

I call it abuse because if they don’t conform to what is being taught there is often some sort of punishment involved. There is emotional abuse involved making the child feel less than unless they conform to the history we are ramming down their throats.

This is unpopular and yet it is still true.

Humanism is about humans, not about this race or that race or this religion or that religion, it’s about all of us.

This is what the shift and new paradigm is all about. Letting go of the past and forsaking our history so we can build in the now so our species continues and flourishes.

It might be unpopular, however it is absolutely true.


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