A morning rambling.

A thought process I have been using for decades that might be of use to other people.
Look to have other people correct you and thank them for it.
If we seek to learn we seek to have our bullshit called even when we don’t realize we are full of shit.
If we seek to grow we seek to have our harmful behavior pointed out to us so we know better and put less harm out into the world.
When someone calls us out for either and we feel the need to argue it is best to ask ourselves why before choosing to respond.
Taking the time to see it through their eyes and engage in empathy.
This is why empathy is mindfulness. It fosters and creates understanding and reveals truth.
Truth trumps opinion and is owned by no one, so there is no personal truth only a personal view of a universal truth.
Over the last couple decades a lot of the bullshit that got called on me was from what I got from a book or a friend or online. People were able to call bullshit on me because they ad the experience.
Experience is the greatest teacher there is however it teaches the lessons the hard way.
The easy way is to learn from the experience others are sharing with you instead of having to repeat it for yourself.
The wise save themselves great suffering in learning from the experience of others in sharing lives together.
When the student is ready the teacher arrives and rarely is what the student expected. That’s part of the lesson, to understand even those you think incapable of teaching you can.
I had a masters course I got from a T-Shirt. I have had masters lessons taught to me by my son. I have learned from anyone who had anything to teach.
When was the last time you denied the lesson that was being taught because you didn’t like it or it screwed with your plans or because you didn’t approve of the teacher?
That was part of the lesson.
We pick out teachers by our choices and synchronicity lines it up and often the teacher is the one who will challenge everything we think we know to show us how to better understand.
The next time you feel the need to take exception with the lesson, don’t take it out on the teacher who showed up..

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