The Promise Land, Family and Community

The Promise land doesn’t exist and never did.

Family creates the cornerstone for the foundation of our identity.

Community is an extension of that family.

Here’s why.

The only promise land there can ever be is the one we build day by day. Anything else is a dream of what never was and never will be.

In my spiritual path I use many names to give God a presence I can relate to. Some times God takes the form of a single stream of consciousness comprised of wisdom. Other times I use names that have definitions written down somewhere and God tends to behave accordingly.

I realize this idea to many sounds a little crazy however it happens to be true anyway. One of the ongoing themes in my conversations with God is “What are you willing to do to have what you want?”

That idea of working to build your share of the shared reality. There is no promise land until we all decide to build it together.

Why in the blue holy fuck would the world want to work together to make Earth the promise land?

First to get it out of the way, why the fuck not?

Family is an idea that today is used to describe the people you spend the most time with and have built the strongest bonds with. It is unfortunately true that I have people in my life who call me family who treat me like a bum. Others are there to give their support as needed and check in to say hi just because it’s been a while.

I have two kinds of family in my life. The family in name only as long as I am at the party and family who acknowledge I exist when I am not.

I am not alone in this. I have talked to several in my Friday nights who feel this way. As long as they show up to party they are family but the moment shit gets bad everyone disappears. If it’s not about the scene whatever that scene is, it doesn’t exist.

This is not new. In fact it reminds me of high school. Cool kids, jocks, nerds, goths, whatever. I kind of floated between groups in high school.

I will talk to anyone who will talk to me. This is not a new thing.

When we think of the family we build along the way we tend to tie it to locations and events that create a false sense of family. Family is there for each other any day not just at an event, not only at the party.

I haven’t felt real family around me in years. A lot of that has to do with being a Shaman and the way a lot of my Shamanic work comes to me. Many who have learned from me or had their healing assisted by me did so as if they were family.  In the country of Hungary I hear that if you are walking down the street around dinner time, a family will pull you in and make you a part of the family for the night. I’m 1/4 Hungarian on my moms side.

I tend to treat everyone as if they were family I simply haven’t met yet.

I’m curious what would happen if we all viewed everyone that way?

I have no idea.

Family breeds community.

Who we adopt into our family is who our community is in a manner of speaking. These days most people who adopt family members rarely live all that close to each other.

My Facebook community is 85 friends and 4 groups and two of those are Shaman groups. I treat everyone like family. Anyone on my friends list ever hits me up and I’m available to help, I will any way I can. Or if they just want to chat for a while. There is no one on that list I wouldn’t drop what I was doing for.

In my community that is the city of Chico, if anyone ever needs anything or wants to chat they all know how to find me. I’ve always been this way. I see someone in need and I do something about it even if it is only to call attention to the need because I can’t handle it myself or alone. Community functions when we take of the needs of the community.

Not this section of the community or that group, the entirety of the community. If you are going to run around saying you are trying to live unconditional love that means everyone and the mere idea of excluding anyone for any reason becomes offensive as it is the opposite of what unconditional love is.

Anytime the smaller community your in has an admission fee you are not in an area of unconditional love. If the smaller community you’re in has no admission fee and it is who happens to show up, that is unconditional love in action versus talking shit and not backing it up.

People love to pat themselves on the back for their intents no matter how much hell those intents in action end up causing for others.

There is a reason we say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That hell is often the hell other people go through due to our choices. We do have an impact in the lives of others with our very presence before we even speak or do anything.

Think about how you might think about changing your behavior based on who is around.

How many children are taken to festivals and exposed to the drug use going on?

Family starts with children. If you are creating a family environment you are crating one safe for children.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Even if you have no kids, kids see you out in the community.

How much of what you thought was something you might want to do was based on people you never met but saw doing something as a child?

We call families that subject children to harmful environments dysfunctional and abusive. We have created dysfunctional and abusive communities as a result. We all have our list of reasons to reject this idea or at least try to.

When I look at myself honestly, I can see where the truth seer might be seen as something distorted. I have been called evil, the devil, the Antichrist, and a long list of other intended insults for being honest and for being the truth seer I am and messenger I am on occasion. I am a human being with a knack for being able to call it as is from the big picture view. I’ve tried to make it untrue, however shit keeps happening anyway.

The core problem humanity faces is we think of adults first and children second when it should be the other way around when think about building family and community.

There is a chance I am wrong and if anyone can prove me wrong please do. If not, anyone have some ideas on how to fix it that are small actionable steps anyone can take in their community?

One of the things I have had my community and family ignoring me over is doing a weekend thing every weekend where the people who play instruments bring them and we just hang out for a few hours as a family once a week because we can and it’s healthy social time. It exposes children to acoustic music which is the most soul nourishing music there is. It exposes children to socialization and building friendships that become family.

The world we are building today is for the children, not for ourselves.

That’s why sometimes you have to put away foolish things and grow the fuck up. Not for yourself, for the children you will never have but will see you anyway.

I feel that if we focus on the children we will find a way to build that promise land through family and community. I could be wrong.



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