Hedonism, Guilt and Enlightenment

It’s interesting to watch hedonism be seen as a path to enlightenment.

We are the only ones who can find our own guilt and either accept it or deny it.

Enlightenment is a view not a destination.

Here’s why.

I once wrote an article called The Love is Free the Sex you Pay for.

As a soul healer I have to understand how the soul gets damaged to begin with, in order to know how to assist with the healing. The idea of pleasure being the path to enlightenment has come to us before in many  forms and is nothing new. There are those who say Tantra is the path and Osho claimed sex was the way to Super Consciousness. He was also kicked out of several countries.

People forget Timothy Leary said “Once you get the message, hang up the phone.”

Give in to what feels good. Fuck off whatever does not feel good.

Am I the only one seeing avoidance in dealing with life that will not always feel good and to always give in to what is pleasurable can damage you and even kill you in excess.

I have seen people who took a lot of LSD in their younger years later in life and it was not good. I understand a couple of times to experiment and see if you get the message. I understand therapeutic use for treatment of PTSD under the care of a professional. I do not understand habitual use as the idea of fun when I understand the potential for damage to be done and that potential rises with every dose. I can say the same about the habitual use of any mind altering substance. Anything that alters the mind is what is commonly known as a drug.

Drug use and drug abuse have a very blurry line between them.

Anyone reading this feeling judged is judging themselves.

We all know better and we like to say we are being judged by someone else when we see the results beyond the delusion we create around the experience. I spoke to what does and can happen. Judgment requires condemnation or making a determination about what should happen.

I have seen the results in the souls I have worked with as a Shaman, the people I guided through their healing. I have seen the results in friends and family alike.

I see the results far too often.

We can only place guilt on ourselves for only we truly know if we are guilty.

We tend to hate it when the mirror gets held up and we have to accept the results we never intended.

Healing can’t take place until we see what needs to be healed within us. At times that looks like finding ourselves guilty and giving ourselves time off for already suffering this long. Healing yourself is freedom from the suffering you’re looking to escape.

That healing can only be done in you once you embrace the pain and let it be and then let it go and see what you survived that revealed how strong you’ve already been. See what you learned about who you became and are becoming as a result. See how good it feels to see it without the pain attached knowing it can never hurt you as it once did. Allowing the wound to heal because you desire to be free from the pain. Taking the steps for the healing to be done from within so you can better see how strong you really are.

At times we all need the reminder in the form of someone else reminding us it is within us to do it ourselves. At times we forget those people are all around us. We often let ourselves suffer and pass on suffering as a result because we don’t see the people who are already there trying to help.

It’s often in the greatest of pain that we receive the most liberating of enlightenments. We can receive a new enlightenment at anytime if we choose to take an enlightened view. At times this view requires we detach ourselves from the topic and other times our attachment on a topic can provide valuable insights. An enlightened one is one who lives with an enlightened view and never stops seeking new enlightenments.

An enlightened one lets the results be what they become.

In order to gain a new enlightnement one must let go of the idea of a fixed or probable result. One must let go of the idea of control over what the result will be. One must remember the idea of control is a forced delusion where one is forcing their delusion be accepted by others.

One can only control that which will allow one power/authority over it.

To be meek is to understand when power is needed and allow it to flow as needed. Not all who are meek are enlightened and not all who are enlightened are meek. A new enlightenment comes with new knowledge and if knowledge is power than wisdom is understanding.

There are no moral boundaries to what one can view from an enlightened view, only decisions about what to do with this new knowledge. The meek seek to use knowledge wisely. One cannot wisely use knowledge that one does not understand. Understanding is often gained by experience. The wise gain understanding even without the experience through the exploration within the void. Some understandings do not need experience in order to understand one would not find value in paying the price for a particular experience.

One understands that all who are needed to the share experience one desires to have pay the price along with one if one is to have that specific experience.

An enlightened view only allows you to receive enlightenment on what that cost is for all involved. One still has a choice to make in what one decides to do with that knowledge. The wise seek to understand the price and find some way to make it growth instead of cost. Even in growth a price must still be paid. Cosmic alchemy, for one to have, something must be given up by one and others.


If you have any questions you know how to find me.


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