Unity, healing and why not?

Unity is difficult at best to maintain in this world as it is right now.

All healing is self healing, though we at times can facilitate the healing of others who do not accept their power to heal themselves.

The last question I ask myself before I do anything is why the fuck not?

Here’s why.

Unity means unifying out of the lower vibration of duality. There is no light/dark there is only existence. One unifies both feminine and masculine energies within and ignores ones plumbing unless sex is what one seeks.

I like to think of it as the silver line in between the light and dark that binds them together. Notice I used the word “think” and I do that as this is my personal metaphor or my way of describing it to myself, understanding all will see it somewhat differently. I think of the yin yang symbol and the sliver line down the middle.

Play the what if game with me for a moment.

What if on the other side of the black hole at the center of the universe is a white hole in a photo negative universe?

What if gravity creates a mirror that gives off the illusion that anything exists on the other side?

If you feel the need to argue first instead of allow your mind to explore, ask yourself why?

Are you placing faith in the experience of others blindly?

I have had numerous astral experiences to bring these questions to my mind. I live in a waking state of astral travel. It’s not as cool as it sounds.

You have not had those same experiences. The natural question is do you trust me and that I speak the truth. Accept or deny based on what you believe is possible.

When one is in unity one seeks for the wisest response and quiets the reaction.

One thinks about the impact one might make in the choice of response.

One allows oneself to be aware of the impact one might make by saying nothing.

One is aware of the possible impact of one’s presence regardless of location.

In unity one is a human first and foremost and is interacting with other humans and sees the human value of the impact each and every human might make in our lives.  In unity one forsakes gender, one sacrifices cultural history, one is blind to skin color.

One is Pro Human in how they view life the universe and most things.

When one is working at living in unity in a world that is still largely locked in duality it can be difficult for one to resist the pull down into the lower vibration. When one does not one naturally finds oneself in solitude unless other ones who are working to live in unity are present.

The shift of consciousness is about taking responsibility for the awareness of the possible impact one can make in all things. In unity one is more likely to make a healthy impact in all things. In duality one is certain to make an unhealthy impact in most things.

Segregation for any reason is not healthy. The idea that one group of humans is more important than any other group of humans is childish at best. Learning to live now means letting go of all of the past and building with what is here now.

I wrote this article that I am going to sum up right now and take in slightly different direction. Psychospirilosophy and The Idea of Self Emotional Healing

I said recently that I like to use even my own work as a jumping off point.

Each of us has the power to heal ourselves from anything. I am living proof of that in changing my skeleton and making my short leg the same length as the other one and taking an over sized hip and making it the same size. I am not so unique that I am the only one that could do this for themselves. Any of us could. All have the capability.

What it takes to tap into that is to own it. We often seek an external mechanism to allow ourselves to use our healing power to heal ourselves. For some reason the idea of someone doing it for us seems to be the easiest thing to accept. It goes back to the question of who am I to be so powerful as to heal myself?

It’s why Aliester Crowley called the magician evil. It’s all a trick of the mind to unleash your healing power and those skilled in the arts who discover this have been known to use it to feed off the supposed healing of others. Not all who are skilled discover this.

I used to think I could emotionally heal someone and I was wrong as is pointed out in the article above. The best I can do for anyone is give them an emotional reset and clear and balance and activate their Chakras, what they do with it after that is up to them. What I do lasts for a couple days and could leave them feeling as though they had been healed.

I could easily sell it as that and make bank.

I am not that Shaman.

When it comes to emotional healing it is how you view the event and the participants in it that determines a healthy or unhealthy view and whether or not healing has truly taken place. Anything that is not that is an attempt to stop a sucking chest wound with a Hello Kitty band aid. Even those who have claimed I gave healed them of physical ailments, I merely acted as the mechanism for them to do it themselves by believing it was me.

It takes a tremendous amount of unlearning and then relearning to tap into this. Most of it you teach yourself. Here is my Reiki starter system and how and why it works. Reiki, Mediatation and Holographic Universe and the Psychospirilosophy view

I have been giving this away for a long time. I am always happy to give Reiki lessons by donation, no donation required or asked for.

Why the fuck not?

It’s not that I’m not aware I can take my understanding and use it to pimp the ignorant for $500 – $1500 or more an hour.

Pro Human.

All humans before me are equal.

It’s why I will never work the festival circuit. I don’t need anyone to pay the price of admission to learn how to do it themselves from me. It’s why most of my sessions are a few emails and maybe one full session. Sometimes it’s just a couple emails and they have all I have to teach them.

Why the fuck not live as a Shaman instead of trying to sell it.

That’s the challenge of the Shaman’s path. No real days off and you never go anywhere that people would have to pay admission to find you. You don’t dictate to the universe who the students that will fall in your path will be or the hoops they will have to jump through in some sort of sick game. You take them as they come and as the opportunities to teach arise you plant a seed and let them be. When you see they want to heal themselves and will do the work to stay healthy, you assist them in healing themselves. It’s a good idea people know where to find you so having a semi stationary location is better for them in order to be able to find you again if needed or wanted.

A Shaman is one who cares for their community. A healer goes on the road because they see no value in the Shaman/s in other communities. Nor does the community see value in their Shaman/s.

Think global, act local.

Why the fuck not?



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