Nowhere is an idea that never existed

Nowhere is an idea that never existed but as a fable

I found it somewhere in the back of the front of my mind

It was right in between here and there that I found everywhere is somewhere

When I saw that nowhere could never exist

I found somewhere I liked the view

If you ever go in search of nowhere you will never find it

If you think you are nowhere

Look around and see that over there

Nowhere is an idea for escaping reality

Instead of going nowhere we always find ourselves somewhere

It’s a funny idea this nowhere

No matter how much you search for it you can only ever never find it

Take a trip with me

To a somewhere neither of us has seen

Let me see through your eyes and you through mine

So that even if one of us has been there before

Its a brand new view to explore

Let’s find nowhere to be

And see where that takes us

It’s a journey of the mind

That any two can take at any time

It’s the endless conversation about life the universe and most things

Exploring the view from over there

Letting another explore the view from over here

Compare but never compete

Relate and let it form intimacy

A bond of trust

Built on space shared

Built on experience shared

Built on repeated space shared

Built on repeated experience shared

Built by two in synergy

Built by three

The you the me and the we

Built by sharing space

Built by sharing experience

Built by sharing


We look to find nowhere

When we feel like we have nowhere to go

We look to find nowhere

When we don’t like our view

If nowhere exists

It’s inside of me and you

It is the void that has no end

If you are there then it must be somewhere

And the idea of nowhere never existed but as a fable in the mind

Looking to escape from time to time


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