The Path of a Dark Phoenix

Spirit guides and spirit animals are metaphors for refinements of self and formations of the self that best benefits our life based on born talents to hone them into skills. The formation of self that takes us to our best potential in life.

The Dark Phoenix is a path learning the art of transmutation. Learning what cosmic alchemy is and how to live those principles. It is a path of understanding the highest level and simplistic concepts of Reiki or energy work.

I used my understanding of transmutation concepts to assist me in managing my high level empathic self. I can take on the emotions of another by looking them in the eyes for a few seconds. Not because I want to, I just happen to be born this way like many other Empaths.

Many of the Empaths I have met and talked to have one thing in common, planetary healers and teachers. The way we take emotion on for others allows us to understand others as if we were them. Often an Empath will feel as though they are wearing the personality of another.

Knowing there is no off switch and every kind of shielding will fail at some point I began my search to make it work for me and other people. The concept that burned in my mind was to heal by healing. This is when I had a vision while meditating sitting on the couch one night several years ago.

In the vision was the outline of the Dark Phoenix with a skull where its chest would be outlined in purples flame and liquid purple energy. A black dragon flew over my head and hovered behind the Dark Phoenix. A black tiger with green and purple stripes walked by and sat under the dragon. A man covered in purple liquid fire over silver and gold rose from a lying down position and walked toward me. Since this time I have had many spirit guides taking many forms and each time I saw what was required of me in them. Your experience will vary based on you and the metaphors you understand and the path you are called to walk.

Understanding how the chakra system works and how being an Empath works and how Reiki works allowed me to make myself a healing generator based on my own behavior.  When I am at peace and in an androgynous view of self I burn. This unified presence I choose to be allows my Chakra system to burn any and all emotion I am taking in because I am breathing. It allows this burn to transmute whatever I might be taking in into pure love healing energy designed to activate and clear the Chakras of any one I happen to look in the eyes of for several seconds and if I hug them they get a full emotional clearing and balancing as well.

I can do this for anyone at any distance in conversation. As long as a connection is established I am giving whoever I am talking to a full clearing just because I am breathing and programmed myself to live this way. When you do it like this, the idea of charging someone cash up front seems kind of moronic and self serving. I serve the sum of us as a Shaman and I teach people based on donation, no donation required but don’t be surprised if the teacher sends you packing.

Walking the path of the Dark Phoenix allows me to be a healing presence in the presence of all I share my presence with. It’s a difficult path to walk and asks one to take on a lot in order to learn when to let it burn. Before one can do that one must heal ones own soul after nearly destroying it. All a Shaman truly does is assist you in the healing you do to save your own soul. They had to do it for themselves so they could be here for you.

On the Dark Phoenix path the level of emotional pain and rage you will take on and learn to translate is near inhuman and can drive one to the brink of sanity and then push you over if one is not careful and takes safety precautions. Think of it as seeing the train on the tracks and putting your shoulder down and taking hit after hit. When I cleared out a survivor from the Holocaust around 3 years ago, it knocked me out for 3 days. No matter how well one learns to burn one can overload and need days to recover.

Every time I am around people I take on a lot. I take on everything anyone might be suppressing or repressing and I work to let it burn and not be what I wear. I have moments where I falter because I am human and always will be. Even in self mastery one understands that one is not and never will be perfect and one is encouraged to fuck up on occasion to remind oneself one is as human as the next human.

When we let go of self discipline we allow ourselves to do what we know we ought not do and own the hypocrisy. We all will always have days we feel like acting up or out, it’s not just the behavior of children, it is the behavior of human. I try not to include others in my acting out these days and I work to exercise wisdom in how I decide to act up.

Should the Dark Phoenix visit you and you have questions, you know how to find me. It’s not like it’s a secret.

Let your blessings find you and never chase through hell that which would come to you in the right location. Synchronicity is where it goes based on the flow. As it flows is always where it goes.

I love you all with a big ol hug.

Remember we are already blessed and when we act accordingly the blessings find us easier.



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