My Typical Day

How do I begin to describe a typical day in a life that is anything but typical.

How many people do you know that have to remind someone to stay grounded because they spend so much time floating out of their body just because they can?

How many people do you know that end up in conversations to tell someone they are not a Shaman just because their friends think so because of the drugs they have done and give away?

How many people do you know that have sessions with people in the midst of their own Shamanic Journey to act as a guide so they can avoid some of the pit falls that leave others lost for years or even the rest of their life?

My day is anything but typical for most people. For me the average day always starts the same. I am a hypersensitive Empath, Telepath and Medium capable of reading the entire world as a single consciousness. That means the first 1 to 3 hours of my day is spent in a meditative state while I purge what I picked up in my sleep and I get a emotional precognitive look at my day. I get to feel what I will be dealing with without the details.

My week revolves around Friday night. I call it my community service night. I hang out in front of a local DJ dance club called The Bassmint and that is no typo. I have become one of the regulars at a club I never go in. To some of the regulars I am the sage they seek when they know no one else will understand. To some I am a friend they see very Friday. To some we are family.

I designed my own Reiki system to use my sensitivity to their advantage. Empaths take on the suppressed and repressed emotions of those around them. Through personal programming I have turned my Chakra system into a transmutation system that takes the pain and anger and other emotions people might be holding back or in and turns it into pure love healing energy designed to give people a full Chakra system balancing and clearing and activation.

This is similar to what happens for people I spend time in session with. Taking my skills and allowing them to work in unison is something like being a Conduit for wisdom and healing.

Most days I spend a lot of time alone working with the spirits of  and on the subconscious level with the people I will be working with face to face at some point.  I spend time in commune with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Source or God. This is time is often spent in reminder lessons and reinforcement in the path I walk as a Shaman. There are times where I receive new enlightenment or realizations that are for my growth and not very many other people would understand where they are on their path.

I work with people all over the globe. I have people I work with in Australia, England, South Africa and other various places around the globe. I have people here in the small college town of Chico, California that I work with as well. All this work is towards the same thing, Unity.

A lot of the concepts our world embraces are going through an evolution as we go through and evolutionary jump forward as a species. As essence precedes existence it is an evolution of thought that precedes and evolution in genetics. This evolution of thought goes against much of what is prevalent in the world day and makes me very unpopular with certain segments of the world.  However without this evolution of thought one will never complete the Awakening, Ascension in body, DNA activation process or whatever whoever is calling it this week.

The people who have turned spirituality into something you make a living off of hate my ass with a fierce passion as I teach people why these people are full of shit. I give away a Reiki system that other practitioners have called one of the most powerful forms they have ever seen.

I give away the simplest mediation in the world that enacts the higher self connection so one can be taught by their own higher self with no other influence or interference. I teach people how to not need anyone else to figure their shit out except on occasion bouncing something off someone. I use a tool I call Psychospirilosophy.

Psychology: It’s a good idea to understand from a psychological aspect why one does anything one does to ensure one’s own mental health.

Spirituality: It’s good to have a form of spiritual practice in one’s life that they use to guide their way.

Philosophy: I look at it from the aspect of personal philosophies. “I always say…” The words we use to guide our life and if we are not walking our talk someone gets to call us a hypocrite.

I am not your typical Shaman. I don’t do rituals or ceremonies. If I had teachings to share it is two of the books I wrote. The Book of Khaos Majick and Psychospirilosophy the Martial Art of Thought. The books are available on Amazon for $0.99 and I put them up for free as often as Amazon will allow me.

If there is anything else that could be considered my teachings it all can be found on this site for free.

Everything I do is done by donation, no donation required and is why I am broke most of the time. As a Shaman I cannot turn away any simply because they have nothing to offer. To me that would be a severe violation of what it means to be a Shaman who is trusted to provide soul healing to all in life that need it that cross their path.

There has been massive abuse in the use of the term Shaman in the modern day and there are many who have never taken a true Shamanic Journey. The popularity of psychedelic drugs has done more to ruin the idea of what Shamanism truly is than any other thing.

I spend a lot of time in education on what a Shaman really is and how to spot those who only want to feed off the ignorance of others and are on a power trip.

I spend a lot of time correcting inaccurate teachings that have gained popularity.

As a Conduit I channel God directly. In this day and age no one wants to hear from God directly because the how can they argue.

The idea that no one can be certain about anything and if they are they must be wrong or delusional has been an irritation that has seen me tell people to fuck off kindly and stay there once they have tested my patience and shown no respect for the work I have done to master my skills and make sure it’s really God I am channeling.

A Taltos Shaman comes from Hungarian culture predating Christianity and can be male or female. A Taltos is born with a direct connection to God and lives a mission of soul healing. I am not the only one. However I seem to one of the few not trying to use it to make myself famous or make money from it. That is not why I was chosen to be one of Gods microphones.

It’s not easy to embrace that you are one of many messengers of God. It means my typical day is never typical by most peoples standards.


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