The Shamanic Journey and part of mine

What is the Shamanic Journey and how does one know if one is on the path for this experience?

The journey to become a Shaman is the journey to become a healer who wields influence in the spiritual realms.

The journey includes curing oneself from an illness and going so close to death you get a tour of the other side. It is only in curing oneself of illness that one learns how to cure illness. It is in walking the other side one learns what influence one is able to wield in the spiritual realms.

It is a life of sacrifice and on the journey you will lose a lot of the life one currently cares about.

It’s not a fun journey, it’s a hard journey.

Here is some of what I experienced on my journey.

I am a recovering alcoholic.

I never attended one meeting or sought out support from anyone. I simply quit drinking.

I am a recovered prescription pill addict. Again I sought no assistance, I simply quit taking the pills.

I understand the nature of what addiction is from being an addict.

I have told the story of changing my skeleton and taking a short leg and an over sized hip and making my skeleton symmetrical. That process took more than a year of the most intense pain I have ever experienced. I was near death most of that year from the pain I was in. This is when I learned of a skill I have that allows me to create a temporary soul bond with someone. This is also where I learned that I channel the higher self of others and could be possessed rather easily as a Medium.

During this time I learned how subtle entities can be in what they do to gain your trust so that you continue to allow them to use your flesh for their purpose. I had to learn how to tell the difference in their energy as they approach me and how to not allow an entity access to me. It was not easy and I made a lot of mistakes to create my learning.

I fucked up my life more than once until I learned that the best way to defend myself against such possessions is my own identity or Ego expression of self. I had to develop my personal will power to be able to kick them out of me on my own.

I had to learn all these things in order to be able to help those experiencing possession and to assist fellow Mediums in learning to manage themselves better.

Entities lie.

I double and triple check even what those entitles I trust tell me through me. It’s how they talk to me. They possess me and use my mouth to speak. While it looks like I’m talking to myself I’m having a conversation with whatever entity has stopped by. The most frequent self channeling I do is with the Archangels Zadkiel, Raphael and Michael. I spent a few years working with the Angel of Death to learn why I don’t want to work with the Angel of Death.

It was Zadkiel that taught me the art of transmutation in order to manage my high Empathic sensitivity. Zadkiel is the Archangel of wisdom, compassion and mercy.

It was during this time I learned about my past lives and that I have worked with Zadkiel since the time of Atlantis when I was a priest in the order that followed Zadkiel. At that time it was called Lord Zadkiel and was the seen as the God of wisdom.

I used the word it for purpose.

The soul has no gender and we give that which has no body gender because of our own gender identification. There are websites where you can read that Zadkiel is male and has a female counterpart known as Amethyst.  What I have come to learn is that the Universe will respond based on how we project.

The Law of Reflection simply stated is that the Universe reflects back at us based on what we project. Hinduism has more gods than any other religion and will accepts new gods. What I learned is that names have power and that the names we use, is the power we give those names over us. Those names will act based on the definition we give it.

Be careful with the names you choose to use.

It was when I unified both feminine and masculine energies within that my view of Zadkliel and Amethyst changed and it became a unified being carrying both energies but androgynous in representation. The Universe reflecting back based on my projection. One can only teach what one has experienced. One can only fully understand what one has experienced.

Wielding influence in spiritual realms does not mean having any control over any entity. It means when you have something to say they listen and will discuss it with you and at times changes in them are made. It does not give me the power to command a spirit as if it was a slave to do my bidding. It means I treat them with respect not reverence. I understand their function.

There are times when I talk to the other side and ask a question and the response is “What do you think?”


“If you are teaching people to have faith in their own inner voice, what are you asking us for?”

Reminder lessons I at times need when I am not listening to myself to turn me back inward.

Most of what I have learned and do learn from Zadkiel is in the form of giving guidance to other people.

The guidance or wisdom passes through me and I learn along with whoever I am channeling the guidance for. This is why I have often said I learn by teaching. I am not always the one doing the teaching. In fact it has only been within the last few months I have found myself teaching without the need of channeling as it is lessons I have already learned and applied to life on a daily basis to find the truth of the lessons and truly understand the lesson and its value in life.

If knowledge is power than wisdom is understanding.

One of my local brothers and I have some fascinating conversations and I often find myself simplifying my brothers expression. He understands things well and is very knowledgeable. The difference in our explanations is often him using more scientific and limiting terms and lengthy explanations that I often shorten into concepts of understanding that throw out a lot of the knowledge.

I love these conversation for what I learn in how to better express understanding. These discussions challenge me to see if I do truly understand the topic we are discussing. My brother is one of the few people who can keep up with my intellect and I am one of the few people that can keep up with his. It is a mirror reflection of ability to comprehend and understand even the most complex things that go into life, the Universe and most things. Some things will always remain a mystery.

My brother is on his own shamanic journey. I can only be a guide of sorts for him to check his understanding against as a mirror. I do not own the understandings, I do not own knowledge. I am not all knowing. I am not all seeing as there are times I am told, “No you can’t look at this.”

The most frequent reason why is that to do so and explain it to one would do one no favors and is something one must discover on ones own.

I will note this about my journey. I lost everything. I lost a marriage, I lost all my possessions. I lost my home.

The Shamanic Journey is not cool or fun. It’s learning what sacrifice is by making sacrifices in ones life to better serve others and care for the needs of their soul.

It nearly killed me more than once.

It left me homeless.

It left me completely alone.

It led to understanding that can only be achieved by living it.

If you are feeling the call to take the journey, it is a serious thing that will change who you think you are in every way. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.





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