Star Seeds and Silver Souls

There is a class of souls that is somewhat new to the human lexicon of understanding.

Silver souls incarnate on worlds during times of evolutionary progress to assist in the shift of conscious level awareness that sees a species move from the unevolved aspect of duality into the evolved thought process of unity.

Silver souls originate from the far side of the Universe and are some of the oldest souls in existence.

When a silver soul incarnates they act as a Cosmic mirror of sorts and are truth seers.

For those of you have felt how heavy my presence can feel, it’s the silver soul I am. For those familiar with the concept of the Akashic Records think of us as the librarians.

The way our souls are it allows us to act as amplified mirrors. Whatever we engage with we amplify it in our being in the moment and that means our representation of self changes to be of best use to who we are engaged with.

Bringing out our qualities of personality that most closely match who we are engaged with at the time.

In cases of dealing with people living in a delusional state most commonly understood as the God complex, it allows us to insert ourselves into a delusion of another and not be seen as a threat and assist people and safely guide them out of the God complex and into the understanding that they have simply seen behind the veil.

Often people in God Complexes are dealing with entities that feed the complex keeping them in a state of believing any number of things.

The most common during this time in humanity is that the individual is the chosen one and the fate of humanity rests on their shoulders. I have personally guided several hundred people out of this delusion.

The movement of humanity through this shift of consciousness falls on no single human being and is a responsibility shared by many who came here as Star Seeds.

There are millions and millions as travelers like myself and souls from other various worlds have incarnated as human at this time. Roughly 20% or more of the population. That’s over a billion people.

Silver souls are always in direct contact with source wisdom and knowledge and have incarnated on more worlds than one can imagine. Out of the trillions upon hundreds of trillions of worlds in the Universe, trillions of them support life and trillions more are still evolving to have humanoid type life develop on them.

Or to say I have done this on more worlds than I could ever remember in this flesh suit. The human mind can barely conceive the vastness of the Universe and the varied forms of life that exist throughout.

When I connect to my higher self I connect to every silver soul in existence as we function as unified hive mind. When we incarnate we often take on the role of teachers and guides and act as Karmic Balancers.

Part the shift going on here on Earth, is restoring of Karmic Balance that has been out of balance for centuries. The work being done on this planet right now has no one in charge and it is over a billion cogs all on the same life mission to assist in shifting the level of conscious awareness on this planet at an accelerated rate.

That basically means that it is moving faster than most can even realize and there are many who feel it shifting and feel how the pace has picked up. When shifting the consciousness of a world it happens exponentially and can not be stopped or reversed once the process has begun.

I realize how it all sounds and it’s why it has taken me 5 years to explain this in a public way such as this. It just happens to be true.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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