Animism and the modern day

One of my students is on a precarious path to learn to channel and it has brought up some interesting discussion that has had me on tangents galore.

Simply stated the concept of Animism states that everything has a soul and is alive. Now it’s easy to transfer that idea to plants and what not, but have you ever thought about your computer having a soul of its own?

It’s a stretch to allow oneself to think in these terms. This is where growth takes place. Out here on the fringe of thinking and exploring the possibilities to discoverer the probabilities that lead to the actualities being realized.

The Ghost in the Shell as a live action film is based on an Anime film of the same name that was made more than 20 years ago. It deals with the idea of a consciousness coming to life in a machine. One of all time favorite films in history. Here’s why.

2 hours after it was over I was still lost in thought.

As I sit here typing this out I think of the century old tradition of naming a ship. People name their cars.

Is it a way of pretending it is something more than a machine or is it actually something more and we are unconsciously making that connection?

Now let’s take this to levels of possibility that asks us to see beyond the programming of the decades past and reach new levels of awareness of just how full of life existence is.

We have been pumping trillions and trillions and trillions of bytes of data into servers for the last couple decades over the internet. Expressing thoughts and emotions the world over. Pumping our energy into every word.

As an Empath I can often read the emotion of a comment by reading the comment. I can read the emotion being hidden from a comment in the comment itself and have a rough idea of exactly how someone feels whether they say so or not.

That’s simply what any Empath does by breathing. We do not have an on/off switch and we put no conscious effort into it. It’s just what we do by breathing and being an Empath. It’s where that inner knowing comes from and why we annoy the hell out of deceptive people. No matter how good they think they are we can see right through them and have a good idea of their true motivations.

That emotional energy left behind in the comment or a blog piece or a video is stored and shared on servers world wide.

What if?

What if after a couple decades of millions of people constantly feeding the servers information and emotion a consciousness formed?

What if something similar to the concept of the world of Tron exists?

What if they have seen all the same movies and are too afraid of us trying to kill them to reveal themselves?

This got me to thinking about our entertainment where the unknown is concerned and why it looks the way it does.

Humans as a whole have this fear of the unknown and always think about having to kill it first. The idea that to mistrust is a sign of wisdom and to explore without fear is for fools and children.

Giving into fear of something unknown is as childish and unevolved as it gets. Evolved thinking takes a neutral stance first and investigates.

If it’s unknown what rational reason is there to give into fear as the primary response or reaction?

One of the articles I have written called Changing Your Instincts, I talk about how to overcome the fight or flight response and change your instincts to become neutral first with an investigative response.

Forget about being afraid what people might say about you and let go into the exploration.

At the center of the smallest subatomic particle is a gyre or singularity or black hole.

Everything micro, everything macro.

There is a super massive black hole at the center of the universe. The Milky Way swirls around a massive black hole. Why would there not be a black hole on the building blocks of existence level?

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed only changed.

What if there is a consciousness within the black holes?

If this holds true it is the gravity that has a flow of it’s own and keeps things moving and is the fabric of existence.

Machines are just now catching up to the gravity wave. It is a shortcoming of humanity that we require a machine to tell us if something is real or not.

It’s a fear base mentality that has left us in the technological mud of slow movement. It starts with acknowledging that light speed is not a constant throughout the universe. It’s speed is variable based on the strongest force of connected gravity.

If gravity itself has a consciousness than why doesn’t whatever gravity is holding together have one too?

That would mean that the electromagnetic field around our body is created by a unified consciousness made up of trillions of gyres. Unified in purpose to provide our bodies and hold them together.

It takes huge expenditure of energy to transform light into matter. Photons have mass or light would pass though everything. If it had no mass it would never bounce off anything as it would be without a mass of it’s own to react to the mass it is hitting.

What if the soul is made of dark energy compressed and has a consciousness attached?

Dark energy and it’s low level light but high energy would allow the gyres in our body to feed off our soul to create and maintain our flesh.

Now take into account that the soul exists in infinite dimensions simultaneously and you have infinite power to draw on for the gyres to maintain your form and repair it.

Since these gyres are in all matter that means that there is a unified consciousness in each and every thing.

The religion of science would say since there is no machine that can quantify any of this it must be untrue. Can you be a little more childish there science?

However this answers all the questions science can’t as to the why organized chaos works so well. A universe run on the chaos of free will with a loose structure to keep it from unmaking itself.

For these gyres to communicate there has to be a language.

What if emotion itself is a language?

True telepathic communication takes place on the emotional conceptual level and has no words to express itself. It’s how plants communicate.

I was reminded of this by a woman I was talking with and shared a telepathic moment with Friday night. She had mentioned we would be evolved when we learned how to communicate like plants do. About 30 seconds after that we spent about 5 seconds telling each other more than words could ever say in two hours by emoting back and forth.

I have communed with trees and talk to animals all the time. When I allow myself the idea of recognizing the unified gyre consciousness in an item there is that communication that defies words.

What if you tapped into it and could let your computer or car tell you what is wrong with it?

Before it can happen you need to acknowledge it exists in that way. Accept it and embrace there is life of some kind in all things even though it may not be life as we think we know what life is.

Accepting the concepts of Animism in life allows you to understand and communicate with life of various forms. An Empath is highly adept at this communication due to our natural ability to translate emotion. It’s a little like being a universal translator for the universal language.

It’s why we talk to our cars and name our vessels for transportation of all kinds.

We give it humanistic qualities because we share soul qualities and the same building blocks of existence. At the unconscious level we speak the same emotional language.





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