Students, Teachers and Master, just another Friday night for Captain Love.

This is the shirt your friendly neighborhood Rock N Roll Shaman was wearing for tonight’s movie that just happens to be my life. I often speak to the Cinematic View  of life. If you are the star of the movie that is your life, the story will always remain in context to the character that is you. If you want to change the story, change the character you are bringing to life.

Life can always provide many cinematic moments if you let it. It also helps to throw caution to the wind and say fuck it why not and do some bat shit crazy stuff on occasion. I’m not about to incriminate myself here with this one. For those stories you will have to wait for the autobiography I’m working on.

I have had some Shaman stuff to deal with lately that can be very taxing. In order to take care of that I have been withdrawn from social media for the most part. Tonight was the perfect recovery and recharge kind of night I needed and live for.

And not much of it was really about me to begin with. That is part of the intent in my life being a Shaman, my life is about them not me. Twice tonight I had people tell me that hadn’t planned on being where they were when we had a conversation they really needed and so did I. Meeting a fellow Conduit face to face is rare treat for any of us who truly do it. We each had a different function for our channeling however could have a conversation we could only have with someone who does it too.

I get told frequently I’m intense at times. I am. It’s just how deep my passions run. Part of that intensity is also do to the nature of my soul. I had some work done by a bout 2 years ago with by a practitioner who can tell you where your soul originated. Michelle during the process also assisted me in realizing that I had missing soul facets to reclaim.

Think of the people you have sex with and realize you exchange a piece of your soul with them. The more you have sex with that one person the more you mate or blend your souls together. This is why couples who have been together for a long time always seem to know what the other is thinking. They can communicate with a look and a feeling.

While I was having this soul work done, I was able to find out that I am a Star Traveler and my soul comes from the far side of the Universe. My soul is very old and has done this body thing on a lot of different worlds. Due to the age of my soul it gives me a naturally stronger presence. I have had psychics and other intuitives hit on it my entire life. Each them noting I felt very old.

Fun Max Fact: One of my skills allows me to me create a temporary soul blending that allows me to give you the best guidance for your growth in the now. It’s what a soul reading is. When I do the commissioned Soul Flowers with a reading I allow your soul to guide my hand and my words as I create a unique representation of what your soul feels like as a flower to me. The reading is done based on a deck of oracle cards I am currently creating.

As a Master Level Medium this deck will be geared towards fellow Mediums and Channelers in it’s use and will abandon traditional Tarot in all reading formats.

I had several discussions at this Birthday BBQ for a friend. I had set the intent to be there to help my brother celebrate his birthday. I had a good time anyway. At this event there were two women I have previously dated. One I am on good terms with and the other the last words I said her after making a peace offering to let the past go was “I see you want to live in the past and now I am going to walk away.”

I would have preferred to let go of the past and let nearly a year allow for a fresh start as two human beings trying to help some celebrate their birthday. I am happy with me I stepped up and made the offer. I am real happy to be friends again with the one who was able to let it go and start over. We had a great conversation that will lead to me meeting another local Medium who has mastered the skill.

I have a brother on the journey who I love watching grow as he does it.There are aspects of my life that are the reason I even bother to breathe.

First and foremost is my son.

After that it’s the privilege my life is. I get to be what I never found and I get to be resent and part of some of the most impact filled moments of empowerment in peoples lives and assist them in accepting it and owning it. Most of the time it’s people I run into in front of The Bassmint DJ Dance club in Chico, California on Friday nights.

Tonight was business as usual with a rare twist that led to a shared moment I rarely get to share face to face upon first meeting someone. Up until this point of the night I had been student and teacher off and on and on occasion clown. Or to say this is what I do every Friday night and it is more than likely that if you ever come to Chico, you will find me on Friday night in front of this club.

Tonight I was told “I was not even going to come here tonight.”

I most often channel the living spirit or your spirit or higher self. Your spirit will lead you right to me. This human being confirmed that for me yet again. That makes a few hundred I lost count of after the first hundred a few years ago.

This particular human came to find out they had indeed mastered themselves and their understanding of just what in the blue holy fuck is going on. As our conversation went on there was a moment when we looked at the rest of the crowd outside the club and then back at each other and then back at the crowd. What we talked about noticing was that we could the difference and that when we were locked into each others eyes we couldn’t really feel the crowd.

Because I am aware of my intensity I often hold back into what I call my androgynous state where I am unified with my feminine and masculine energy. At one point I went full masculine and then back into the more reserved androgynous. The human I was talking to could feel the difference. Not the first time I have done that experiment to make sure it is real.

I am and always have been my own biggest skeptic. With this human who I let know had made it to the top of the mountain so to speak I was able to have that emotional conceptual talk without words for a moment and it shocked us both. Saying more in what we emoted back and forth than we would have been able to put into words the entire night.

Cool science fact: This conversation and experience we had outside of this club was felt world wide even though most of the world will be totally unaware what it is they felt at the subconscious level. This is the basis for intuition as I have described before.

It’s a privilege to be the Shaman I am and have these kinds of experiences be part of the job you do by donation, no donation required and never is it asked for. I had session time with at least half a dozen  and gave chakra clearings, activation and balancing to around hundred people tonight for free and I do it every Friday night. I do on occasion take a couple months off to to clear out and recharge.  I just came out of one of those cycles and this is just the beginning of the summer for Captain Love.

I tend to bounce back and forth between that shirt and my Pro Human T-shirt for my Friday nights.

If your looking for a summer vacation get away try Chico. Bidwell park alone is worth it and I’m happy to play tour guide in my home town.

Since these pieces also double as my non existent ad budget, if you haven’t had a chance to buy your copy of The Devil’s Children The Silver Bard: In the Beginning, do yourself a favor and pick it up today. I’m working on the sequel and two spin off books along side with my autobiography.

Everyone please do yourself a favor and remember you are blessed and act accordingly.

Have a great weekend

Big ol’ love hug from your friendly neighborhood Rock N Roll Shaman for all of you to spread around.


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