Why am I writing this?

I’ve been writing the first draft of my autobiography and I want to let it rip here and go over some highlights that just happen to be my life.

I asked myself “Why write this piece?”

“You have no idea who needs it.?”

Over the years a lot of the clients/students I have taken on have been as a result of something I wrote that they read. I write a lot.

I have some events in my life that for the most part remain a mystery to this day.  I some people that have wandered in and out of my life that have stories just as unusual and bizarre. Occasionally I have people wander in and out of my life that claim to be Gods and Genies and I had one that claimed to be the Universes super being.

Let’s start with my weird shit.

I was raised Christian. I used to go to Church and everything that went along with it. I was attending Calvary Chapel of Chico, California, a non denominational Christian Church when I was 14 and was baptized. It was a Sunday in June and Calvary Chapel was holding services at the One Mile Recreational Area in Chico and using Sycamore Pool for the baptisms. Sycamore Pool is not a real pool. It’s a portion of Big Chico Creek where the city cemented the bottom and sides of a section of the creek.

I was last in line. Pastor Sam Allen said a prayer before each person was dunked. They were all these rather quick and run of the mill prayers. When Sam got to me it was as if he was possessed as his long prayer included talking about the great man I would become and the great things I would do in life. This shit freaked me the fuck out. Who wants to hear that at age 14?

This is not even the weird part of the day. The rest of the day after I had been dunked, everyone kept pointing to the sky and talking about a cloud they saw that looked like a man. I couldn’t see it. Out of everyone I have ever talked to who was in Chico that day, they remember seeing it. I am the only one that I know in Chico California that day who could not see it.

At least a dozen people that day tried pointing it out to me and I still saw nothing. They all insisted this man shaped cloud was there. No explanation as to what happened that day. Either I was hallucinating nothing was there or they were all hallucinating that day.

That was 28 years ago this summer. Ever since on occasion I have random strangers tell me that I am going to do great things in life. I keep asking if they know what those things are so I can get to work on it?

No one ever had an answer.

I am still not sure.

If I had to figure it out I would point to each and every time I share a moment of growth and healing with each person I do that with. It may not be exciting or worthy of note to many, however those people who over time have become a blur of faces to me, it meant something to them. I had to use a tactical nuke on a bridge with an Empath group I used to be an admin of. The one thing I miss was feeling that sense of relief when I someone was awakening to being an Empath and hearing someone else say “I do it too” for the first time.

It wasn’t until I was 37 years old that I had any clue I am an Empath, Telepath and Medium. In the last 5 years I have done a lot of work with people who are just realizing how different they are from most. However what happened that led to my awakening is something I have no explanation for and I lived it.

I had taken my dogs out to do their business. The apartment complex I lived in had a fenced in dog run for this activity. While I was out there I got this message that it was time to go and somehow I knew what they meant. “I can’t leave my wife and kids. I’m not ready to go, go back to the house and remember who you were.” In less than the blink of an eye I felt myself lifted up out of my body and then put back. My sentence changed as I was speaking. In that less than of a blink of an eye I had forgotten how to be me.

All my memories were intact however I couldn’t seem to remember how to act like I did in the memories. It felt like I had been out of my body for very long time. I have no idea where I went or why or why I came back the way I did. It wasn’t long after this that I changed my DNA and took a short leg and made it the same length as the other one internally. I had an over sized hip and now both are the same size.

It was roughly 4 months after that day in November that I was in a local strip mall one night. I was talking with a woman and I could see the shopping center full of people and activity and when she said “I wish all these people weren’t here.” I saw them all simply disappear as I stepped back and said “What people?”

Even the two people who had been sitting behind her were gone. Even the street was empty for a few minutes.

I like to think I had nothing to do with it and God, The Universe or whatever helps you sleep at night did it.

There is no way I can allow myself to think I made those people disappear and consider myself mentally healthy, yet they still vanished.

These are just 3 stories of strange things being afoot at the Circle K that became a Blue Oval and is now a Chevron station. That’s the way I used to put it to a friend of mine when I had a new strange tale to tell. That Chevron Station is on the corner of West Sacramento and Nord in Chico and was a Blue Oval gas station and a Circle K before that and I’m a huge Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure fan.

If for some reason you find yourself with something you think no one will understand or believe, try me.



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