Even when they’re gone

Flippin’ through faces of the past

Those who have long since said good bye

Those who will come around someday

Those who always seem to be around even when they’re gone

A name I might not always find

I remember every face every time

I remember what was going on

I remember words said

I remember how it felt that day or was it night

I’m bad with names, but faces and space shared are never forgotten

It was that one time

You know at that place

Every detail there to recall

Only your name escapes the reel

It’s your face that starts the film

That reminds me why I’m smiling

The movie of the minds eye

That reminds me why I’m giving you a big ol’ hug

As separate ways are gone

My film for you has gotten longer

Some of your faces

I need to see in different places

Away from where we keep meeting

In a place where we can be one on one

To see what synergy there might be

Where do the views match up

Where do they go in different directions

Show me more of those flawless flaws

Let see more of who is behind the mask

Drop the game

And let me know you deeper than your name

Don’t see me as a player in your game

See me as I see you

Stop running away

You know I won’t chase

Though I’m always looking for your face

There are those who number few

Whose names I could never forget

It’s the ones I either give it all to or try to ignore

Some are family made in space shared

Some are family in bonds that will never break

Some are family in the name of family alone

Some come and then go

Some show here and there

Some always seem to be around even when they’re gone





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