Synchronicity and how it works

There are times where I act like a cosmic mirror of sorts and I am able to translate things into a common expression or metaphor everyone can understand. Think of it as a universal metaphor translator.

In previous pieces I’ve talked about synchronicity using the simple definition that it occurs as two or more people come together for an event or series of events.

Tonight I’m going out on Main Street in Chico California to let synchronicity do its thing. On these nights I refer to as my Community Service nights I set my intent early in week and put it out there. Unconsciously people pick this up and will guide themselves to meet up with me while it looks like a random chance meeting. At the subconscious level we do things behind our back in front of our face to line up synchronicity.

What we don’t realize is that we are in communication with each other every step of the way. We communicate at the subconscious level and our conscious mind may never catch on to what is going on.

In attaining higher levels of conscious awareness this synchronicity is more easily seen. It takes work to get to these moments and once that first meeting is had free will is still in play. It takes decisions to to do the work that keeps this one or ones in your life. The nature of that work depends on the one or ones that are in your life.

We don’t often see it as work even though we will say “This feels like work.”

Everything takes work, work is action with purpose and intent. The problem is we have attached the idea of being paid with the concept of what work is.

The idea of money has limited our view of what work is.

Right now I am working on a project that pays me nothing right now, however leads to being paid for multiple things. The work I’m doing is in refining my character for the jobs I want to do.

A company will require you to have abc skills and xyz experience and will not pay you to go get those skills and experience. This is not new, not even close to new. We simply forget all the work we do just to get a job.

Most of the work we do in life is working on our life. We work to get the job, we work to make the job work, we work to work well with those we work with. Think of the events that had to happen for you and your coworkers to arrive to share space at work.

Synchronicity is a complex machine that is all moving parts. Each of us nothing more than a cog in the machine. The machine functions as the cog functions and the cog can change the nature of the function on the machine.

This is change. We change our behavior and it changes the way we function as a cog. As one cog changes and other cogs begin to change as well. This is the 100th Monkey Effect in action. At times the behavioral changes happen at the subconscious level through repetitious exposure to a different behavior and the subconscious sees the value of the behavioral change and will do things to get one to make subtle changes leading to bigger ones.

It’s behavioral programming in simplest terms and is the results of the influences we allow in our lives.

With this new project I’ve already seen a vast change in my behavioral patterns as I set the intent to make sure my thoughts and actions lead to me performing at my best potential for this project that has the potential to lead to more than I can talk about right now.

As a Master Intuitive I’ve spent years mastering the art of change and letting my intuition guide me using the various gifts I possess. This took years of getting it wrong to achieve. There are still times I ignore my inner guidance and need a reminder lesson. I’m still human.

Synchronicity is potential meeting potential in the moment and where it goes from there depends on the work you put into the potential. OK wise ass but what does the mean?

Let me use the Law of Reflection and The Cinematic View to explain this.

Think of life as a film and the story is created on a holodek that reflects back the story based on the character you are projecting and the choices your character makes. The holographic interface is matching your character to the story it is creating based on who you are behind the mask you show the world as well as the mask you show the world. Both image and substance taken into account to create the life you interact with.

If you don’t like the story your living, make changes in the character and synchronicity will move the mirrors to better reflect the changes in your character.

Everyone else is doing this too and it has to be made to allow for everyone. Free will is the thing that screws with our life more than anything. The free will choices we make do impact other peoples lives. The free will choices other people make do impact our lives. It’s a shared reality and the reflection of our reality is created through the sum total of the projections that are all of us.

All of our thoughts go into creating a structure for the reality shared by all of us. All of our words go towards shaping and refining the structure that is one shared reality. All of our actions go towards building that one shared reality.

Synchronicity lines us up with those who are more likely to make the same choices as us in order to act in synergy for further creation and changes in the human narrative as well as in our lives.

Stay blessed everyone and remember we are blessed as we bless.

This weekend may you find what you seek. Seek well world, seek well.


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