Getting away to get to it

I took the day off from social media. It’s going to be hard not to do it again. Here’s why.

On average I wake up to 70 or more notifications on Twitter. I have started spending more time responding to my notifications then I am working on any one of the various projects I have going right now.

I had a meeting today that really helped me spend the rest of the day putting life into perspective based on the results of that meeting. While no guarantees were made, a new relationship was begun. A professional relationship, however still a relationship. This meeting has led to a project I spent most of the rest of the day on. Then I took a nap.

When I got up I got caught up on things. Then I stepped back and looked at what I needed to do and at what my earlier results were. I started analyzing and setting intents to make sure this weekend project is of high quality. Tonight while thinking about the work I have ahead of me, I created two folders and two documents to help set up a loose structure for me to create within.

That’s what life is. Setting up a loose structure for you to create within.

That’s what existence is. Organized chaos with a loose structure that allows for the creating to never end.

The structures we build are the behaviors that create who we are always refining. As we create ourselves the Universe fills in the story for our character as our character grows and evolves through life.

I’ve found often in life that the realizations that really made an impact on life were the ones I made when I stepped back and looked at the puzzle again after sleeping on it.

Today was no different. Today held a high impact event that now that it’s settled in, I can get back to work and be focused and driven by the right motivations. Sometimes life feels like we are putting on a show and if they only knew…

It’s only a show if you don’t back it up.

Do whatever it takes to back it up.


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