Even though

It’s the music that helps me hold it together every day

It’s the songs that keep me from throwing it all away

No matter the living hell

Every song a savior spell

It was in the song

I found what it meant to be strong

Even below the bottom floor

Every song opened the door

A journey out of this hell

To remember how to live well

How was it those good times were had

What was it that made them go bad

In a song you can find a movie

One that’s tragic or really groovy

Your memories show you the story

As the lyrics take you through old times of glory

Step out of the past and into the present

Using what you saw to make this now a present

A gift you give to yourself for learning the lesson

A gift you keep giving as the pain starts to lessen

Now get up off the floor

And get on out the door

Your life is waiting

For you to quit hesitating

Today is the one your living in

Regardless of any past sin

Let go of what holds you back

To ride life down a new track

Find a song

That helps you feel strong

Carry that strength deep inside you

See it there from the inner view

It was there all along

You just needed a reminder from the song

Music is what helps me hold it together any given day

It’s the reminder lessons I use to guide my own way

It’s why even though it’s uncommon

I’m The Rock N Roll Shaman


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