The Individual Approach

If there is anything I preach it’s Individualistic Humanism. I do not follow the crowd and often go in the opposite direction of anything popular. Here’s why.

It’s called the herd mentality. The larger the group of people the more everyone is made as dumb as the dumbest person in the crowd for as long as you stay in that crowd. That’s how much of an impact being in a crowd has on you. It lowers your intellect and your awareness to the lower end of what is present within the crowd.

It’s a fact of life that the number of people with a truly lower intellect outnumber those with a higher intellect. Simple fact that answers the question how something so stupid could become so popular.

I share a lot of the music I’m listening to on Twitter. Here are some of the hashtags I use instead of the popular ones to go with the music I am sharing out.


I always share the music I am listening to out of The Church Of Rock N Roll master playlist on Spotify. I have this circle of friends who share what they are listening to. On Sundays its always got some hidden meaning in the songs I post up.


These are songs I call standards. They are the songs you hear that you know someone had to write it and it just happened to be whoever did. Songs that make you ask where would music in my life be with out this one.


Every song I can find with a Devil theme.


Songs with a sex theme.


This is where I share out songs such as Ice Ice Baby and Fire Water Burn.

The point here is to show you can make up any hashtag you’re feeling that day and let it go and let it flow and let the Universe fill in the rest.

You never stick out by following the crowd.

Twitter is how I relax and do my favorite thing, talking music with my friends and occasionally dropping a little wisdom on the side.

If you have to organize fun and follow rules, it’s not fun, it’s work. I do share out what I write here on Twitter and post up links to my books nearly daily. I daily post up the pages up top there. Most of my tweeting however is between me and my friends and is all about the music we are listening to in the now.

This goofing off led to me writing the lyrics for a song called Smokin’ by a band called Swilly.

Quick history lesson.

I used to the same thing with movies several years ago and I have two films with credits as a Producer. I am currently attached to a film as a Producer.

I am just getting started with music.

I just happen to be a Shaman. My passion and dream has always been to be a Creative Producer in indy film and have a music thing going on the side.

I wrote The Devil’s Children with a series for TV and a series of films and spin offs in mind. It’s how I think. That’s how passionate and obsessed with making movies I am. Even my Plan B is still just a revision of Plan A.

Read the services page above and think film or music. If you haven’t had the chance, buy your copy of The Devil’s Children The Silver Bard: In the Beginning. 

This is what it looks like when you do it your way or no way at all. It can take a while to get there, but you’re always moving forward and taking rest when you need it, but never quitting. It just happens to be my life.

Have a great week from your friendly neighborhood Rock N Roll Shaman.



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