What does Pro Human mean to me?

That T-Shirt comes from a company owned and operated by a friend of mine, Betty “Boopster” Davis. Betty has nothing to do with why this is my favorite T-Shirt, it’s the message that Pro Human stands for that is the reason this is my favorite T-Shirt.

What do those words Pro Human mean to me and why are they so important?

One love, one race and it’s all sacred space.

That’s the really short version and for the sake of this article I will elaborate.

I have genetics from races across the globe and to me that means the sum total of humanity is my cultural background. I just happen to look like a white a guy and nothing pisses me off more than when I am treated like a white guy.

Let’s examine the concept of one race.


Raise your hand if you’re not one?

Everyone out there who thought it would be funny, not original even a little bit.

We are one human race and we come in all shapes and sizes and colors. I hate to sound like I feel like I am talking to children, however how difficult is this concept to grasp?

If I was a comedian on stage you would think it was a joke and laugh. Since it’s a wise ass Shaman, you are left with “That son of a bitch did it again.”

What’s fun for me as a Telepath is I know who at least two of you are that keep calling me a son of a bitch. Quick history lesson.

I once told my mom that I wear son of bitch like a badge of honor to honor my mother. She did not even miss a beat when she said “You damn well better.” If my own my own mother has called me that so frequently that it’s come to this, who thinks I’m going to find it insulting. It took 3 times before I asked my mom if she knew what she was calling me when I was 16. It then dawned on her what she had said. That was 26 years ago and she called me a son of a bitch last week at least once. I love my mom.

Now I realize my Telepathic skills can freak some people out and they freaked me out too. I have said things and heard people think “How did he do that?” as I said what they had been thinking as if it were my own thoughts. That’s what took me so long to catch on. I don’t “hear” your thoughts, they show in my mind as if they were my own. I spent the majority of the last 5 tears teaching myself how to stay out. I was born doing it. I am a human being.

I use a variety of techniques to dull my awareness of the thoughts of people I am dealing with. A big chunk of my charity work over the years has been with people who have intuitive gifts such as this and teaching them how to manage them better. Those who are Highly sensitive Empaths, before they find out what it is and how to manage it, we often turn to drug abuse. I am a recovered alcoholic and prescription pain pill addict. I am human.

I am a human who can do what is considered by most to be some weird shit. I get that. I tried to make it not true.

The recent suicide of Chris Cornell got me to thinking about the last time I thought about suicide. It had only been 2 years since I realized I am an Empath, Telepath and Medium and everyone in my life I was telling was exiting my life to include my 3rd wife. This was a little over 3 years ago.

3 songs having nothing to do with people like me have gone on to be anthems for us as well. I know this because back then I was an admin in a group on Facebook with over a 1,000 who found the same solace in these songs I did. I had shared them in Empath groups numbering over 10,000 world wide. Some of these groups had as many as 30,000 members.

We are human. We are Born This Way. At times we feel like We Are The Others. It’s OK to be a Freak Like Me. Who knows how many people these 3 songs have kept from going too far.

Here’s the view I take of me when it comes to gender. Do what works for you. I asked myself when in life does gender matter when sex is not involved?

It doesn’t.

Are you sure?


Really is it that simple?


We all talk to ourselves and when we are wise we make productive use of it. When you’re a Medium you realize the answer is not always coming from yourself. When I seek guidance from what I could call The Angel of Death, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Zadkiel it looks like I am talking to myself. They have to speak through me to speak to me. As weird as it sounds on your end, on this side it explains why I have an IQ well over 200 in order to manage the skills I have and not have a full psychotic meltdown and be wandering the streets talking to myself and lost in an endless spiral.

I am human.

So here I am with this idea that gender doesn’t matter unless sex is on the table. If sex is not on the table, see myself with androgyny and see others the same unless for some reason sex is on the table.  Seemed simple enough. I lived it for two years. It works really well for ensuring I respect all people regardless of their plumbing as human beings first and foremost and who they like to fuck is none of my business unless it’s me they want to get down and dirty with. Otherwise who gives a fuck and why?

We are all human.

What if we acted like it?

What if we made being a human being enough?

What if we all got little more Pro Human in how we view this thing called humanity that includes all of us?

This is why that shirt up above is my favorite T-Shirt. I know I jump around a lot at times and I thank you for indulging my abstract mind. It’s in the abstract that you find the connections that exist nowhere else, yet show how connected we all are.

Happy Friday from your friendly neighborhood Rock N Roll Shaman.

If you want one of these shirts or a hat or something be sure to check out Pro Human.



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