Own it

Over the last few weeks as I have been focusing my attention on the fictional books I am writing and my autobiography, I have all but stopped participating in social media. Here’s why.

Someone like myself who is something of a truth seer is not welcome most places. There is a shift in consciousness going on around the world and there are a lot of people working to cash in on it.

They have their books that encourage you to take their classes and spend time with them in session and make sure you get their prepackaged steps to enlightenment or awakening or activating your DNA or whatever which one is calling it. There are the stores that all look like they bought the same store starter kit.

These people disgust me. These people are doing more to inhibit your growth than they are to empower you to grow. These people hate me. Here’s why.

As a truth seer I shred the veil of delusion and deception. Read this piece on Reiki and see why you never need to take a single Reiki class and that Reiki certification is one of the biggest scams on Earth. Reiki, Mediatation and Holographic Universe and the Psychospirilosophy view

Life really is much simpler than this new industry of self appointed authority would lead you to believe.If they told you the truth they would have nothing to charge you for. It would kill some of the traveling festivals who are filled with people there to show you how to be more spiritual.

First what does it mean to be spiritual and live a spiritual life?

It’s accepting that you are a spirit wrapped in flesh and as Lynyrd Skynyrd put it, all you need is in you soul. Raising your level of self awareness is how you raise your levels of conscious awareness. Self awareness means being more aware of your impact on the world around you. It’s being mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. It’s exercising empathy and patience to achieve understanding.

There is not one single ritual or ceremony in existence that makes you more spiritual. There is not one special type of music that makes you more spiritual. There is not one religion or book to follow that will make you more spiritual. This not one Yoga position that makes you more spiritual. There is not one meditation that makes you more spiritual.

Every life is a spiritual life governed by unseen forces of existence.

Each of us has the ability to connect to our higher selves and this connection gives us access to wisdom and knowledge as old as existence itself. We achieve this connection within us and nothing out here will ever do anything to assist us in doing what we can do all on our own. Some will profess that the use of psychedelics will make it easier. No, it gives you a crutch that will not allow you to do it without the psychedelics.

I use this simple meditation that I have been giving to my students and those I counsel for years.

Say the words “I let go of everything.”

Repeat until you feel your body take over the breathing.

Then say “I go into the void of my own mind to learn what I need to know right now.”

This activates your higher self connection to guide you through your realizations with no need of ever having to take a single class or crack a single book. This will take you further than any drug. This is the journey to activating your DNA. When done you can do things such as what I did in making my skeleton symmetrical. I am not theorizing I am telling you exactly how I did it. I did it by being honest in all areas of my life and honest with myself.

I changed more than my skeleton when I activated my DNA.  Everything you need in order to do it is within you not out here.

Stop giving away your power and empower yourself to own your life, your journey and the impact that life makes on the rest of us.

That’s the one thing these industry people never talk about.

Owning your impact on the lives of all you come in contact with. Owning the suffering you add to when you ignore someone including walking by that homeless person on the street. Once you embraces what it means to be a spirit wrapped in flesh one sees it everyone else too. You see the sameness despite the differences. You see how we are all connected and we see that unless we all chip in it will only get worse. We have seen the history repeat itself and we can see it around us now.

Karmic Law states history will repeat itself until changed. Until we all become one human race and set the stupid bullshit aside we have seen what happens and what is happening.

Dive within yourself and see if you find something different.



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