There are no Negative Emotions Only an Endless Ocean

One of the most abusive things we do is to classify the emotional states of others as negative and therefore invalid.

The concepts tied to the metaphor of Negative are all designed to be unpleasant and unwanted and unwanted in thy presence.

There are no negative emotions and it is a form of abuse to say otherwise. Here’s why.

One would never know joy if one never knew sorrow and its sweetness comes from the deepest of love that creates the deepest of sorrow.

Psychologically speaking by saying some emotions are negative we will do anything we can to avoid them or someone experiencing them. This causes us to repress these emotions and causes us to ignore others who are experiencing them simply because we don’t deal with negative emotions.

We inflict harm on ourselves and others in doing this that causes deep psychological wounds and changes in behavior. We shift our identity into a delusional state to repress the guilt we feel for ignoring one in need by saying they are being negative. We ignore the pain being expressed and ignore the issue needing to be addressed.

We create ticking time bombs out of ourselves and other people by insisting that sadness and pain are negative. It creates a view that says it’s wrong to feel that way so suck it up buttercup or worse yet encourages us to engage in creating a delusions to avoid acknowledgement.

Spiritually speaking anything that harms you emotionally harms your soul. I’m a soul mechanic by birth and I engage directly with the soul.

I have taken the journey within my soul to heal wounds of the past and work diligently as life happens to deal with things head on in honesty to resolve the issues so the sadness, anger, whatever goes away. Any prayers or what not I do for guidance is my spirituality and you have yours and I am not asking about it. Do what works for you in this area.

What we say and the words we choose shape our view and create the shared reality we all live in. In The Book of Khaos Majick I say.

“It is a shared reality and one is responsible for one’s reality and the reality of all ones.”

We create that reality with the metaphors we attach to the words we use.

We create the views for others as much as we create our own view.

There are no catch all general rules to emotion. There is evaluating the situation that created the emotional response and determine if one is overreacting or if one is experiencing a valid emotional state based on the life one is experiencing in the moment.

The easiest way to know if your emotional state is valid is to ask yourself this question.

If someone told me this story what would I say?

I usually find in this exercise that I take the time to get a bigger picture view and that view will tell me every time whether or not I am having a natural reaction to the experience or I am being a whiny little baby or as an Empath I have taken on the emotion of another as my own. .

A negative is a loss and the only loss that we truly experience is the loss of growth and learning when we ignore our emotions or other people because we use words such as Negative to describe the emotion and therefor the person.

We are emotional creatures and our emotions build our identity.

To negate the emotional state is to negate the being in that state.

That includes you.

I get how we got to here. For years many have been using the model of positive and negative emotions creating a limited view of what emotion is and creating a lot of abuse in the world today as a result, regardless of intent.

Once you label something positive or negative you can only see it from that perspective.

Now here’s the fun part, it’s totally subjective as to what you consider positive and what you consider negative as it is based solely on how you view it.

Emotion is totally analog and defies any fractal or even binary definition simply as being the flow of emotion it is.

Life is not binary or fractal, it is analog.

This is why we love a live performance these days over the digital music we are stuck with. Digital music is a sample of analog and is missing the fullness of the sound. I learned about this when I was in communications training in the Air Force studying advanced electronic theory when I was 18.

Since life is in analog any view that does not embrace the fullness of the analog is denying the condition of being human. Everyone has their reasons for that and even I have moments in life of wanting to separate myself from what humanity has become.

The companionship I desire is nowhere to be found when I get angry. Anger must be bad.

The companionship I desire is all around me and we are all angry. Anger must be good.

This right here is why it is functionally retarding to the human condition to announce an emotion is either positive or negative or good or bad and that there is anything wrong with any emotion and feeling any particular way about something.

Psychologically speaking the only reason to do this is to attempt to control behavior and subjugate the masses through conceptual manipulation. It creates mechanisms for judging and condemning without feeling guilt or even realizing at the conscious level that one is judging and condemning.

You can’t have something to fix in someone until you identify that something is wrong with them. To this end psychology has been trying to tell us everything negative about the human condition that one will battle in life to be a good or positive human. It’s the ones who need the business making sure they have clients by setting the standards for the view.

Or to say its marketing using behavioral trigger words to create an emotional response that inspires action.

In this case it is using the terms positive and negative to give a form to the judgment we all pass one people whether we intend to or not. In this judgment we create turmoil in the lives of those we judge and project onto them that there is something wrong with them because they are having a negative emotional response.

Emotional output is totally dependent on input from an exterior source.

For example if someone abuses people to the point of tears and depression it is neither positive nor negative it simply is abusing and causing harm to others with will and intent. They are inflicting the pain to cause the emotional response and will often say things to absolve themselves from being responsible for what they have said or done to illicit such a response.

Psychologically speaking this is narcissistic behavior that refuses to acknowledge the damage one does. One gives oneself excuses for being abusive to people so that one does not have to make changes in oneself. This apathy for anything but one’s existence and not caring who one hurts to achieve one’s goals and in some cases it is abusing people that is the mechanism for achieving ones goals.

From a spiritual aspect I can’t think of one time anyone called anyone of their sacred gods negative for getting angry or for being saddened by what the people had done. Often God has reason for being angry and it is the people who fear their God’s wrath that change their behavior to appease God.

This is my personal philosophy on emotion.

Fear and love are two sides of the same coin and fear is the dark mirror of love and all emotions spring from here.

Sometimes fear protects our life and other times it stands in the way of us living our lives. Why are we afraid of being sad or angry to the point we would call it negative?

We are beings of love and we allow fear to change that expression in infinite forms to create separation from one another to create what is called individuality.

“I am afraid to be like that one after seeing what their life is like.”

“What decisions do I make to avoid those same results?”

This is an act of self-love.

“What is going in that one’s life that they are behaving like that?”

“What do they need to change in their life to put an end to that behavior?”

This is an act of showing love to another.

All fear did was switch who got the love and who was in perceived need of it.

There are infinite things that have infinite possibilities in the face of love it will bring forth in one. That face is determined by the way one programs oneself to see one and other ones.

One who accepts what is dives deeper to find out what caused what is.

One who seeks to define or reject what is without further investigation seeks to judge and condemn whether they know it or not.

What has one feeling any particular way often has many facets and a deep history such as the depth of an ocean before one can understand why one is feeling the way one is.

To negate one is to negate all who experience the same.

Emotion is an ocean and the ocean creates waves of all kinds and sizes and at its depths still moves with currents.

There is no binary or fractal way to explain that and have it remain a human expression.

The human is analog and the condition of being human is an analog being with an ocean of emotions within.


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