A taste of Peace Lords

This one of 5 fictional projects I am working on right now. It is an exploration into a possible future for our world through Science Fiction.

The main characters are all women to include the two Peace Lord characters, Rose St. James and Tal Lyn. Their backs stories and the others will be posted eventually. Here is an introduction to the world of 2056 in the fiction I call Peace Lords.

Introduction To United Earth Social Construct

In the year 2040 our system of governance is much different than it was prior to the Day The Veil Dropped. Let me give you a quick breakdown of how things work here in this alternate future of your Earth as you read this. I know I am supposed to this kind of thing, but I figure if your Earth has a chance of skipping some of what we went through, it’s worth it.

I am a dimensional traveler of sorts. I can project my consciousness into other dimensions through versions of myself in that dimension. I can see what is going there and if one of my selves is able to understand the experience we can communicate. I was happy to find this one here and we decided fuck it, why not write this book about an Earth that really does exist in hopes of creating something like it here.

The Arcturians haven’t appeared to you yet and might not in your dimension and it al depends on you and the choices your Earth makes. Don’t think to much about it, after all this is a fictional book.

Here is an introduction to the Earth I am from in 2056.

United Earth Council: The Earth is split into quadrants, sectors, regions and cities and each has their own representation among the United Earth Council. There are no countries and the borders are only markers for areas of primary responsibility however all in need of aid receive it from all sectors and quadrants when the need arises. It is a system of governance absent of politics and civil servants serve civilization.

United Earth Peace Lord Detachment: Peace Lords keep the peace. They spend a majority of their time in humanitarian missions unless they are needed to bring violence to an end somewhere on our world. They are negotiators as much as they are warriors and use force as a last resort. The Peace Lords use non-lethal weaponry only. They do not take lives, they keep lives from being taken. World’s often find they never need more than 2 Peace Lords to keep the Peace. Throughout the Intergalactic United Worlds Council it has been rare that more than two were ever needed on any given world. When it happens it is often a case of worldwide wars.

It rarely happens.

We do have lower level Peace Keepers. We have done away with lethal weapons and our Peace Keepers are dedicated to the same mantra “We do not take lives, we keep lives from being taken” that is the Peace Lord mantra.

We have two ways of dealing with criminal activity. First they spend time in metal health centers and are taught several skills for providing for a life without crime. For those who never become repeat offenders they are moved to a facility for the criminally insane. Currently there are only 400 inmates in the facility. Their crimes are all of a violent nature and each has shown no desire to ever stop.  We do not like having this facility however we never keep anything from the public.

United Earth Department of Social Services: This department serves to mission of ensuring every human on planet earth and it’s colonies has place to sleep and food to eat. This department ensures every human has access to mental and physical health maintenance care. While we still have luxuries here and there, every human being has their basic needs cared for under the Human Rights Act.

United Earth Department of Education and The Arts: It is the mission of this department to ensure every human being on Earth gets the education they can understand and exposure to Art and Music with encouragement to explore self through artistic expression. Education facilities are free to all.

United Earth Department of Technology and Space Exploration: The Peace Lords have made it so that our planet needs do interplanetary defense force. This allows this department to focus on research and development of technology that will make our space travel more efficient and reduce our dependency on the space folding technology the Arcturians shared with us. Our colonies on Mars and Io are a direct result of the technology created by this department to continue the human adventure on unsettled worlds.

United Earth Department of Sustainability: The mission of this department is to make sure all our advancements are sustainable and to reduce the impact made to our Earth in taking leaps forward to leave her. This department oversees all agriculture developments to make sure we grow enough food to feed the world while keeping a balance with nature. They are charged with keeping our environmental impact to minimum while allowing us to make the technological jumps to colonize other worlds. This department is basically the Quality Assurance Department for humanity and it’s continued existence.

This is the short version of how the world works ever since we learned how to get along.


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