Church Building 101

I’ve often said that The Church of Rock N Roll to me is any and everywhere you can hear the music that connects to your soul in the now. For some of us it’s Rock, some it’s Punk, some it’s Country and for others it might be the Blues or Metal and I even hear some people connect with Opera.

I am the Rock N Roll Shaman who says great music knows no label. What it takes for it to be great is that soul to soul connection on a deep level with the artist who is pouring their heart and soul out in song. To me the great songs are the ones that grab your soul and tell you “Look I’m taking you on a trip through your own mind and I will be your guide until the song is over.”

It’s those songs that have us thinking “How the fuck did they know my life?”

It goes to show how human we each are and that no matter what fucked up shit we’ve been through, someone else has too. There is an immense amount of comfort found in those songs in those eternal moments that seem to happen every time you hear it again. That is a great song.

The formula to writing a great song that will live on forever is to live that shit and then take it all the way when you tell that shit with lyrics and wrap some music around it with some people who can feel it with you as you create a wave for the rest to ride as you play and sing on.

The power of the band and the song is feeling whatever they want you to be feeling with every note played on the six string soul stealer and every last word of every last lyric when they pour their soul into it and own it with every fiber of their being.

This is the kind of thing I like to fill my personal Church of Rock N Roll playlist on Spotify with. Unless I am listening to a new band, it’s the list I hit the shuffle on every day and let my shuffle show me why this one or maybe this one has done it’s job and can go now. Some days in life you find a song or two no longer applies. It’s still great, it just no longer grabs you the same way. That’s OK.

The lyrics we listen to are the seeds we sow within ourselves as we refine who we think we are as life flows on and is ever unfolding before us based on what we allowed to be sown inside of us. That’s the power music has in all of our lives. That was the power I recognized at age 10 when I saw Eddie and the Cruisers for the first time.

Words and music make a song, they need each other.  One the poetry of the soul translated and the other it’s true language. That’s what a song is.

Marriage of thought and emotion in taking the emotional concepts that are the great understandings of life the universe and most things and simplifying the expression and finding the feeling that just let’s it flow right on through.

I am a word man.

I have on many occasion attempted the music thing, I am a word man.

Words are my passion. I love finding new and different ways of expressing life the universe and most things in fun and creative ways. When I write fiction, I do what I call method writing. The Devil’s Children The Silver Bard, I wrote in the first person wearing the character as if it was all real. Similar in idea to method acting and why the greats you never see on screen. I never want my readers to see me in the books. I want my characters to live on in the imagination of the reader as who I created them to be. Singular stand out characters with individual expressions.

The music I listen to when writing is more important than any other part of the process for truly connecting to the character on an emotional level. When you know what kind of music your character really identifies with you know your character’s soul.

My Church of Rock N Roll influences every part of my life and so does yours whether you know it or not.


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