The Six String Soul Stealer

When I hear it screamin’ it nearly has me creamin’

When it’s played right it makes the soul sing all night

When it’s in the hands of an artist it ain’t even a contest

It is an endless mystery to even those who have achieved mastery

It will bring you to your knees and never has to say please

The string soul stealer know as the guitar has made many a star

It takes your soul to play it right on any given day or night

It owns your life and haunts your dreams waiting for you to once again make it scream

With it in your hands you can make many fans

Short for fanatic the ones you get frantic

Waiting for the next song to bring them alive as you and the soul stealer to dive

Dive deep within to bring them something new again

Acoustic or electric it’s all the same kind of majick

Majick of the soul that makes them feel whole

Gives the something to fill that empty space, something for them to embrace

Or does it take all they have left and give to those with the gift

Whose soul is this thing stealin’ that leaves so many reelin’

Weak in the knees willing to do anything to please

If you do it right they’ll bend to your will every night

You’ll get them off easy enough but you gotta bring your best stuff

Hold back even a little bit and they will tell you that you should just quit

If you don’t leave it all on the stage they will give you rage

If you give it all you got they give it back and give it back hot

Playing the six string soul stealer can make you a bit of a drug dealer

The fans always wanting more and more, maybe this soul strealer has made you a whore

It’s the majick and it ain’t no trick

So pick that thing up and give it all you got and live as if every day is your only shot

The six sting soul stealer known as the guitar asks for nothing less to make you a Rockstar


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