The Sex in Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

It’s no mistake I am writing this piece on #FuckinFriday morning. Here’s why.

I became a Tantra Master because I love to fuck.

You can fuck with love and have it be a soul freeing experience or you can fuck with lust and have it be an animals adventure.

I have made love to women I never fucked. I have fucked women I never loved. I have made love to women who I fucked with all the love any man could ever have for a woman.

When it comes to the Sex in Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll, the Rock N Roll Shaman can sum it up like this.

Be responsible.

Be respectable.

Be Consensual.

For fucks sake work at being more sensual.

Let’s break these down one by one and see why I talk this shit that I live.

Be responsible: I don’t give two fucks about how much you don’t like that condom and I’m not going to listen to a single human bitch about it. Here’s why.


I wear Motherfucker like a badge of honor. Here’s why.

If there is a mother involved that means kids are involved and you better man the fuck up and help her raise those kids even if they are not yours.

If one or more of those kids are yours, man the fuck up.

I am going to say I know more than a few single fathers and more than few men whose ex wives use the kids to punish him and keep him from them. Knock that shit right the fuck off.

I don’t care how fucked the relationship got, you never take it out on the kids, ever.  Most of the charity work I do is with women coming out of or in abusive relationships. Don’t use the kids as an excuse to stay. I have done work with people who grew up this way and it fucked them up even more.

Once you become a parent your life is not yours anymore.

Sex makes children.

Wear the rubber.

Be respectable: It’s no secret I’m a serial monogamist. I have been married 3 times and love being in a committed relationship. It has everything to do with the sex and how much better it is.

Remember kids this Rock Shaman is also a master in the art of sex also known as Tantra. I just take out all the mumbo jumbo and give you the short version.

Intimacy is built on trust and respect.

Intimacy has nothing to do with sex.

Intimacy is who you can tell every fucked up thing in the world to and the worst that will happen is they will give you a hug because you need it. That takes trust and being vulnerable.

That is having no secrets.

Treating each other with respect away from sex leads to better sex. Showing that you see and respect the human first and the gender second and the lover when the time is right will lead to orgasms of legendary proportions.  A human who feels respected by their partner will do more to ensure they please their partner in every way their partner likes.

When you feel secure with your partner you become more open to exploring what gets you both off. You can push the boundaries in safe space that is created by the trust you have built in every other area of your relationship.

I have had one night stands and we each make our own choices and I am not here to judge anyone. I am just saying if you want the best, you gotta work at it. You never stop working at it. Just happens to be how it works.

Be Consensual: Do I really need to go any further, I think not.

For fucks sake work at being more sensual: To have the greatest sex you can’t have with anyone else, you have to take your time and build that moment that is the highest point of orgasmic bliss that you can create together.

Let me real clear. I don’t care who you fuck, it all still applies regardless of gender coupling.

Great sex starts with Mind Sex.

This is where you talk to each other about anything except sex. It’s the endless conversation about life the universe and most things and what the fuck is going on right now.

Being sensual starts with exploring each other’s minds and loving what you find. That’s where the intimacy is built and the trust is built and the safe space is created in the conversation that has nothing to do with sex.

Once you reach that moment where the time is right for sex to be on the table, take your time and enjoy the meal. Think of foreplay as the appetizers that drive your hunger for the main course.

Foreplay that starts with touching and caressing and rubbing all over is getting the body more prepared for the sexual exploration about to take place. Kissing your partner all over with the hunger held back only does more to drive the hunger.

The time you invest in foreplay is the physical expression of how much you love your partner. The patience you have to make sure you give them every bit of pleasure you know they love. You want to give them pleasure in every way that makes them beg you to fuck them now.

I could get into a lot of detail here and I am not going to.

I am going to leave you here to use your imaginations to take a journey with the one you love or your hand if you’re single.

Happy #FuckinFriday from your friendly neighborhood Rock N Roll Shaman.

Now go out and put the X back in your sex.



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