Greatest what?

Great music is great music.

It doesn’t have a genre and bears no label.

If it’s great it’s great.

What makes a song great?

To quote A film, Eddie and The Cruisers “Words and music.”

Anyone can go on and on about who they think is the greatest guitarist or the greatest drummer or the greatest this and that. People will even argue about the greatest song ever.

Let me be real clear on how your friendly neighborhood Rock N Roll Shaman feels about the greatest in concept.


Great is great and there ain’t no need to even try to call a greatest in something as subjective as personal taste.

I listen to great music all day and some of it comes from notable greats of yesteryear and some straight out of today, but it’s all great music.

I am working on a side thing writing some lyrics and when I was talking to the dude I’m doing it with, it reminded me of a story.

Several years ago when I was writing under the name The Movie Whore, I was doing a lot ghost work in the indy film world. I did get some interviews over the 3 years I was writing the blog. It was the one with Michael Pare who played Eddie Wilson in the above mentioned film that was my favorite. Here’s why.

That film at 10 changed the way I listened to music. I started paying attention to the lyrics and found out why a song is words and music. That film did as much to inspire my becoming The Rock N Roll Shaman as much as the music has since. Michael told me it was the one role he felt the most grateful to have had when I asked.

Enough about me.

What really makes a great song?

It’s when the artist puts their full life force into it because there is nothing else in life that makes sense. It doesn’t matter who else likes it, or who else it makes sense to, it had to come out and it had to come out that way. It’s the only way the soul could be satisfied in expressing what lie deep within crying to get out. It’s the only to make life bearable at times and other the only way to truly celebrate life.

It’s the full range of the human experience as told through the poetry set to music.

I have this group on Twitter I refer to as The Circle oV fans. Just a group of fans who love great music and love sharing it with each other and talking about why this one. We are often sharing newer music and a lot of indy artists. We spend a chunk of the day turning each other on to what turns us on.

If you follow me on Twitter @PoppaSmokeTCRNR you will see who I tag and you should be following them too. You should also be following the bands we follow and talk about. Not only on Twitter on every social media platform you use. If you use Spotify to stream music follow them there too. 

These are some of my friends you should follow if you want to find some great music. Here are some of the bands.


These are some of the new old favorite of mine. If you check out The Church of Rock N Roll playlist on Spotify you will find most of the rest. Not all the bands I am following are on Spotify. Some are on Soundcloud and other places.

Every Friday I send out a tweet with the latest additions to the playlist. If it ain’t a great song it don’t make the list. It’s a simple truth, not of all them can be great or how would know the truly great ones. It’s nice when I find the rare exceptions to that rule.

Now just for fun my top 5 all time favorite bands.

Motley Crue

Guns N Roses

Cracker (No not Uncle Cracker, just Cracker)

The Who

and the master of the love song, one Mr. Neil Diamond.

They are all great and not the greatest, however they speak to my soul better than anyone else and have for a long ass time.

On that list of Twitter handles for bands above, I know I will be listening to them 20 years from now and pray the Rock Gods and Goddess will have them still crankin’ it out because it’s just who they are.

I just happen to be your friendly neighborhood Rock N Roll Shaman because nothing else in my life makes any sense and it’s who I am by life, not choice.

Pick up that six string soul stealer and begin to wail and know that Rock N Roll will never fail.

Give it your very soul if you ever want to truly know what it’s like to truly live Rock N Roll.


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