When you live behind the veil

In days gone by

I used to ask why

In the present day

That question has gone away

I have taught those who would learn

And those would not listen I left to burn

I have guided those who would follow

Doing so by making myself hollow

I taught masters their final lesson and gave them the test

Now all I seek is to find rest

I left the game by my choice

I came back to use my voice

Not to play the game

To destroy it in no Gods name

To shred the veil with will and intent

To leave them with their own self judgment

I judge none by myself alone

And I wait to reap what I have sown

There is no avoiding the fate we all made

A fate that will leave many slayed

When you live behind the veil

As they fall you don’t ever wail

It can leave you feeling inhuman without compassion

When you live in this fashion

It’s Karma and its balance must be kept regardless of the cost

Or all of existence is what will be lost

When you can see the grand design

You walk the silver line

Never again blinded by the light

Whether it be day or night

You roam the dark without fear

Knowing it is what gave birth to anything you might hold dear

You leave good and evil behind

When you walk the silver line

It’s a place in between

Where all can be seen

Where nothing remains hidden from your eyes

As you see through all the lies

It’s on this silver line

You find both the sacred and the divine

One as flawed as the other

Seeing the sins of every sister and brother

What one calls sin

Another calls a win

When you walk the silver line

You always seem to shine

What is it they see

When they look at me

I have been called evil and even the Devil

In this I do not revel

If you could see what I see

You would see how I see thee

Wandering and lost

Never thinking about the overall cost

Never thinking about the harm done

In the name of fun

I have watched so many destroy themselves with their choices

Causing suffering for many others with their actions and voices

When you live behind the veil

You see it all without fail


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