Circle oV Fans

This piece I am about to write is inspired by two things. The speech below from Almost Famous and the circle of fans I trade music with on Twitter nearly every day.


In the Circle oV Fans it’s Poppa Smoke that’s throwin’ horns and bangin’ his head

Givin’ praise to the Rock Gods and Goddesses that we ain’t dead no matter the wins or the losses

In the Circles oV Fans it’s all about the music and the journey that every song takes us on and keeps us burning

Inspired by crunch and grease with nasty rifts to break you every time as the singer grabs your soul with every line

In the Circle oV Fans there is no greatest ever only who’s bring it now louder and heavier

You either pour your souls out to us or we will never raise a fuss

Bring it from your core cause music is your life cause those are the ones we turn to in times of strife

You had to live that to write it and now I think I am going to make it

Savin’ lives you’ll never meet with those songs that make us feel complete

In the Circle oV Fans we speak of heroes who belt it out like they know what in the blue holy fuck they are talking about

Fuck your fame and blow my glory we are here for the music and the story

Without the fans there would be no bands

In the Circle oV Fans we remember that fan is short for fanatic and some of us be that harmless hopeless romantic

Though we understand that on occasion a restraining order is the only answer for the situation

Some fans go too far for their favorite rock star and it’s a damn shame they give so many other fans a bad name

In the Circle oV Fans is where the bands can always find love and a helping hand doin’ it just because we can

We let you use us from time to time because fuck it we be using your music all the time

Like a drug always needing another double shot of what you think is your best shot

This is what is to be celebrated by The Circle oV Fans


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