Lookin’ back through the past
As if any of those times were built to last
As the movie plays in my mind
I can’t hear any of the lines
I can’t feel what was there
I no longer seem to care
How much damage was done
All in the name of fun
The scars remain
Each tied to a name
Faces move by in a blur skipping through the frames
If only I could remember all the names
The nightmares I watched that weren’t even mine
These days it’s one way of passing the time
Remembering when they had need
Of this heart that ever bleeds
Some still think me an evil prick
For how I do my healing trick
Bringing them back from the beyond the rim
So often a her and occasionally a him
Spirit work that has no pay
Still needs to be done anyway
Not many could make it through this kind of life
Always taking on another’s strife
Some see me as broken
Some as their lucky token
Giving my all
To keep some many from the fall
Guided by a gift
As I go on trippin’ the rift
A Shaman of the ancient ways
Of the ancient days
A life so many don’t understand
Not a lot even can
Its the messenger they too often accuse of guilt
So they can keep themselves as they built
Never having to admit the harm they cause
Never once taking the pause
To turn the mirror inward before they speak
This is why so many have become weak
To scared to be wrong
Thinking fighting is what makes them strong
It is the meek
Who are slow to speak
Slow to anger
Knowing the danger
Always taking time in reflection
Before offering an objection
If you feel the need to argue
Why is the question for you
What makes you so sure the Shaman is wrong
To help guide you is why the Shaman even comes along
People who say they want to learn
Then it’s the Shaman they try to burn
Mostly a thankless life
Trying to help end the strife
Lookin’ back through the years
Seeing those ruled by their fears
Then ones who were wise
Took the Shamans advice
The fools argued with ignorance
Accusing the Shaman of arrogance
Karma always balances out
Of this there is no doubt
I often wish they had the wisdom then
To bring their nightmare to an end
I’ll never remember all the names as days go by
But their faces etched in memory in my minds eye

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