Sittin’ around on a Saturday Night

As a Shaman I spend a lot of time in solitude doing Shaman shit that most people would not really get. I get why they wouldn’t get it and it’s why I am a Shaman and you are not.

Not everyone needs to be a Shaman or it would be real boring and I would have nothing to do.

I also get most serious Shamans don’t write blogs. I like to be different. Most Shamans are not The Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman. I was going back and forth with a friend on Twitter and I reminded myself I work at being this guy. I have often said life is work and most of it you don’t get paid for.

Try finding ten or more hours a week to listen to new to you music Every Friday I send out a tweet showing the new additions to The Church of Rock ‘N’ Roll playlist on Spotify. Currently there are over 800 songs on the list and while yes there are some classic staples, I am focusing the list to be a collection of artist doing it now in every form of Rock I can find.

Some of the note worthy bands that have finally come on to my radar include but are not limited to:

Jasmine Cain

Dirty Thrills

Cherry White



Beasto Blanco

Hells Belles

Disciples of Babylon

The Longing

Crash Midnight

Joan Ov Arc

Lilith and the Knight

Shag Haired Villains

Hail Sagan

and many others.

Rock is alive and well and kickin’ ass everywhere these days. Jasmine Cain is in Nashville making the home of Country a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal town and even won artist of the year as a Hard Rock performer. The song Highway Prophet by Jasmine is what I would call a Rock ‘N’ Roll Shaman song. Here’s why.

The wisdom in the song is reminiscent of guidance I have given only wrapped in different metaphors.

When I first listened to The Longing, I found more than a few songs that fit that description.

The funny thing is while I am writing this I am not listening to music. I have a TV show running on Netflix.

Any social media outlet you follow me on, you will find roughly the same thing only with some subtle differences. If you are new to this blog I share out roughly 5 old pieces a day. I try to mix up with poetry, music based blog pieces, shamanic teachings and other various stuff.

The rest of what I post to various social media outlets is driven by music and celebrating the musicians and artists of the world with a focus on Rock ‘N’ Roll in every form.

I seem to keep a steady backlog of ten bands or more at any given time. I try to keep up with supporting as many as I find in my various feeds through out the day through @PoppaSmokeTCRNR on Twitter and The Church of Rock ‘N’ Facebook page.

I am going back to doing as little as humanly possible as I recover from the last 6 months. Have fun doing whatever you do.



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