How to access your DNA the simple truth

A few years ago I did what many might consider to be impossible.

I was born with a short leg and over sized hip on the right side. When I was a teenager they took X-rays to verify this.

A few years ago I made my skeleton symmetrical internally on my own. I did this by unlocking the cipher lock that is in our DNA.

What I am about to tell you is not theory, it is fact based on how I did it.

There are no special tones I listened to. I did not do yoga. I never attended any seminars or workshops. I never took psychedelics. I never followed any steps written by anyone in any book. I did not break all attachments. I did not get rid of my ego.

What I did was learn how to live what love is in individual fashion. Love is attachment.

You can not live love and not be attached to someone or several people.

You can not live love without an ego. Your ego is your identity and is exactly who you say you are. Without an ego you are a slave to all around you and will do nothing to care for yourself. You cannot reach higher levels of awareness without your ego, an identity that gives you a point of reference.

I spent a few years in the egoless state and it was I reclaimed my identity that I saw it’s priceless value and became even more aware.

You can not access your DNA without understanding what love is based on life experience.

That means no one, including me can teach you how to do it in any way, form or fashion.

Anyone claiming to have the steps to follow has not completed the journey.

As I mentioned there are medical records to back up what I have done to myself.

Now then to access your DNA you have to have the first hand life experience of living every aspect of what love is.

The journey to do this is a solo journey and those who sell the group experience are actually retarding the process. It’s all based in individual view and expression. No matter what metaphors I used to get there you have to use your own and figure out your own metaphors that your subconscious uses to store information.

The subconscious mind uses metaphor to store information that is translated into what we call language in the conscious mind.

All language is metaphorical and has only the meaning we agree to. In the actual and the factual nothing has a name and we have given it all names in order to communicate with each other and try to make sense out if all through language. Education systems actually do more to inhibit out innate understanding of life the Universe and most things than any other source of retardation in understanding on the planet.

Once I unlocked my DNA for self programming, I made many changes. The evolution of thought that I have experienced in order to evolve my DNA is not in any teaching anyone is preaching.

I can’t teach it to you either. No one can. It is solely based in real life experience you have to have.

The best myself or any other can do is be a guide or sounding board so to speak as you take the journey.

To be that guide I work on donation, no donation required or asked for.

If you have a true desire to take the journey that unlocks your full potential, be careful and know your entire life is going to change and in ways you probably will not like. As I said it is a behavioral cipher lock. You can’t fake it and no one can do it for you.

The best I can do is give an assist with the Reiki system I designed for providing energetic support to those who come to me.




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