So it flows

In second sight
I found inner light

With the mirror turned inward
I found the steps to go forward

A voice from deep within
That knows nothing of sin

Home is your art
Your heart is your art

Let it travel and soar
In living art there is no score

How do you best show off just being you
The best of you from many a different view

That part of you that is afraid to be
Yet it’s more of this inner you they need to see

Never sellin’ it
Just livin’ it

That’s the art you are
That’s your inner star

The light the world needs to see
Coming from you and coming from me

Letting who we are as we live
Show the love we give

Not through conformity and labels
Through pro human love just because we are able

Let go
Into your flow

Let who you are
Be your own kind of star

Remember as life goes
So it flows


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